Take a Look at Safety Car And F1 Race

Take a Look at Safety Car And F1 Race

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F1 Race 300x200 Take a Look at Safety Car And F1 Race

What Safety Car Is

F1 safety car is a car that is used to keep the track safe during the entire Grand Prix weekend. This car is normally driven by an experienced driver and is one of the safety measures for F1 which has been put in place by FIA. This car will normally have an FIA observer who is permanently in contact with the race control. Normally, when there is an accident on the track which does not call for the suspension of the entire race, the F1 safety car will be required to ensure that all cars in the circuit are slowed down. What happens in this case is that the F1 safety car will come on the circuit with its to orange lights on which indicates the drivers that no overtaking is allowed and therefore all the drivers must form a queue allowing back makers to pass it when the green light is on.

How Safety Car Makes The Race Safe

If on the other hand the incidence that brought the safety car on the track has blocked the pit, the safety car may be directed to lead the crew using the pit lane. When this happens, cars are free to stop at their pit garage.

When the F1 safety car leaves the circuit, the orange lights are normally switched off and this indicates to the rest of the drivers that at the end of the current lap, the car will peel off in to the pits. The drivers are expected to continue the formation till the time they will cross the first safety car line after which the green light will give them an ok to continue to compete.

In extreme weather conditions i.e. when the weather is extremely poor, the racers are allowed to begin behind the F1 safety car. This car will put the orange lights 10 minutes before the start time to indicate that the weather is not conducive and therefore something ought to be done. When lights change to green the safety car will lead the rest of the cars in an orderly manner.

During the first lap, no car is allowed to overtake the other.  Overtaking can only take place if the car has a problem that makes it difficult for it to get away from the grid.  The delayed car may in this case be allowed to overtake so that it regains its original position.  If he is unable to regain the position at the end of the lap, he must rejoin the race once he passes the pit exit.

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