What You Should Know About Safety Equipment for Bicycle Racing

What You Should Know About Safety Equipment for Bicycle Racing

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Safety Equipment for Bicycle Racing What You Should Know About Safety Equipment for Bicycle Racing   Safety Equipment for Bicycle Racing What You Should Know About Safety Equipment for Bicycle Racing   Safety Equipment for Bicycle Racing What You Should Know About Safety Equipment for Bicycle Racing

If you are a bicycle racer, you need to get a bicycle that can enable you take part in different races with high chances of winning. However, it is prudent that you have all the safety equipment that can help you secure a comfortable win without struggling much. One of the recommended bicycle racing safety protocols is to check all the bolts and ensure everything has been tightened and functioning correctly.

Carry Repair Kit and Check Your Bike Before Start

Ensure that you have a repair kit and spare tubes as a precautionary measure because getting a flat tire is one of the things that will certainly happen when you get involved in long distance racing. This is important because often you will not have the time to repair your bicycle when such an emergency occurs. It is advisable that you carry a spare tire, a patch kit and a pump as a safety measure for the bicycle before embarking on any serious race. It is common to encounter problems such as having a flat tire due to air pressure concerns. Getting a pump to manually refill the air in your tire can allow you to carry on with the race uninterrupted. It is recommended that you carry a multi tool, which has a hex wrench to enable you tighten the bolts which become loose as you continue riding your bicycle. This multi- tool must include a chain repair and an under the seat saddle bag which you may use to store the tools needed for repair.

Helmet Is The Must Have Safety Equipment

The Helmet is one of the safety equipment that you cannot do without and which must always be own every time you want to engage yourself in bicycle racing. This is important because it helps you avoid head injuries in the event of an accident. There are cases where an impact may occur in cycling and which may result in injuries if one is not wearing the helmet. The bicycle safety institute has reported a number of fatalities that occur due to head injuries which can be avoided if one is wearing a safety helmet. A cyclist should not avoid the helmet just because he thinks it may reduce his chances of winning. Modern helmets are light weight and are well vented to ensure that the cooling is optimized especially when the day is hot.

The Jersey And The Shorts

The jersey and the shorts constitutes the bicycle racing safety equipment which one must always have  whenever he wants to participate in racing activities. The modern racing jersey is made from materials that allow easy breathing and are well designed to allow the cooling. They are made to fit tightly so that the aerodynamics is improved. This attire serve a number of purposes especially if one takes part in long rides. The jersey and the shorts are made in such a way that they guard the cyclist from the sun’s rays and provide some sort of a layer in the event of a crash. They have enough pockets which allow the cyclist to carry around enough necessities. They are carefully designed to ensure that you feel comfortable all day long. The shorts are made of pads which are thick enough and will cushion the wearer and prevent resistance.

Hand Gloves: Protect Your Hands

One of the safety measures for bicycle that cannot be overemphasized is where one is forced to wear gloves. They are safety equipment that provides some sort of cushion between the handle bars and the hands. They reduce road vibrations and play a very crucial role in preventing numbness of the fingers during the ride. They are important in preventing a rod rash especially when one gets involved in a crash.


Sunglasses are also the part of the safety equipment that a cyclist cannot do without. Apart from blocking the peripheral vision, they allow you to focus down the road without necessarily blocking your view at the top of the glass. They protect the eyes from the wind, debris, flying bugs and the sun’s rays.

Cages and Water Bottle

You need to ensure that you maintain a proper hydration if you must enhance your performance and at the same time keep your body healthy and ready for the competition. Most of the bicycles are fitted with bottle cages on the frames and on the seat to hold enough water to sustain you until you reach a point where the same can be filled up.  It is advisable that you carry too much water than too little because you never know what may happen while you are racing.

Be Disciplined

If you are a bike racer, you need to be very responsible while at the same time monitor groups or the competitor’s behavior. More often, intimidation, assertiveness and aggression lead you to make decisions that can be regretted. Be yourself and be disciplined.  Have your goals set and follow your set plan of achieving them. Do not waste your time trying to copy what your competitors are doing. Interpret the rules in your own way and be aware of the following facts;

  • That your actions affect  other competitors
  • If you take great risks, you jeopardize the lives of your competitors and your own life
  • Group responsibility depends on the safety of the members of the group.

There are a number of bicycle racing safety factors that you must consider when you decide to take part in a bicycle racing. There are racing skills that are recommended. Therefore having the best racing skills may be the best racing factor. There are technicalities which go beyond just riding the bicycle. These skills are learnt in skill session classes and it is recommended that one attends these classes if he wants to be successful in bicycle racing. Your ability is a great consideration. The races are always organized as per the ability of the participants. Starting with one in which you fit perfectly well could be an added advantage to you.

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