Must Have Safety Equipments For Motorcycle Racing

Must Have Safety Equipments For Motorcycle Racing

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Safety Equipments For Motorcycle Racing 300x206 Must Have Safety Equipments For Motorcycle Racing

Motor racing can be dangerous if one does not adorn an appropriate safety equipment and clothing. There is standard safety equipment which has been specifically designed to make the racing successful. The standards are changing every now and then and therefore it is important that you keep yourself updated. The most important safety equipment for motorcycle racing includes;

Motorcycle Helmet
It is compulsory for all players participating in the motorcycle racing to put on an approved racing helmet which are marked with the ACU stamp. The helmet must be tested to fit perfectly well and be properly fastened. It is advisable that you buy a new helmet, with a visor that has the BSI kitemark stamp. A damaged visor cannot be used in the championship.

The Motorcycle Leathers
This is a leather race suit which must be worn by any person taking part in a motorcycle race. The race suits are specifically made to measure but if you get one from Barnard Castle, they are reputable and excellent. There are off course other suppliers from which you can buy the leather race suit but ensure that you buy the recommended ones. The ACU handbook can provide valuable information on reputable dealers from which one can buy the suit.

Body Amour
The motorcycle body amour safety equipment is specifically designed to provide protection by ensuring that they absorb all the energy resulting from the impact of hitting the track. The body amour may come as part of the leather race suit or one may be required to purchase it independently. If it comes with the suit, you may also choose to use an addition body amour. It is compulsory that you have it otherwise you cannot be allowed to race without it.

Motorcycle Gloves
A pair of gloves that are of high quality is necessary for all those taking part in the motorcycle race. The gloves offer additional protection but one must choose those that are fitting well. Putting on thick gloves on may not help you especially when it comes to controlling the motorbike.

Knee Sliders
The knee sliders are recommended just in case of an emergency. Race leathers may come with the fasteners on the knees where one may easily attach the sliders.

Motorcycle Boots
Wearing quality leather boots or those made from approved materials may be allowed. However, the boot must be 200mm high.

Identification Disc
The identification disc must always be won while racing and also when one is practicing. It bears the name and the date of birth. A good racer must have those mentioned safety equipment to perform a safer motorcycle racing.

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