Santa Pod and Drag Racing

Santa Pod and Drag Racing

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Santa Pod 300x200 Santa Pod and Drag Racing

Drag racing refers to a contest of acceleration between two vehicles over a determined flat surface. The distance is normally a 1/4 a mile but could as well be a 1/8 of a mile. The vehicles normally start from a similar point where the contest is run on qualifying tournament with teams which do not make it to the next stage being eliminated.

Relation Between Drag Racing and Santa Pod

The history of drag racing and Santa pod are related. Santa Pod is the only track that is outside America which hosts drag racing and attracts the best race teams and drivers in Europe. This place is always associated with drag racing because of the thrilling opportunity it offers which cannot be found anywhere else. This is one of the reasons that make Santa Pod be referred to as the home of drag racing.

The cars that are featured at this event ranges from powerful cars, bike engines and many others. When the event is hosted at Santa Pod, it attracts a multitude of spectators who throng this area to witness this spectacular event.

More About Drag Racing and Santa Pod
Historically, drag racing originates from the USA where cars took part in this event as early as 1920. The Moonshine boys who were selling illegal alcohol outran the authority by hiding more powerful and bigger engines that were finely tuned in the race. This is how the Hot rod came in to existence.
In the UK, drag racing was born in 1960’s when the disused airstrips were converted in to drag racing strips. Among the leading air strip that were converted in to a drag racing strip was Podington air strip. This strip had been used in the Second World War as a war time air base. Permission was sought in 1966 to use the airfield for drag racing competitions. The air strip which is ¾ of a mile was a perfect place for drag racing. This track acquired the name Santa Pod which was derived from Santa Ana strip in USA. The term Pod was derived from the local village name Podington hence the combined name Santa Pod. Since that time, the name Santa Pod has always been associated with the spot of drag racing in Europe. The Santa Pod raceway has become very valuable of late and it is used to host a number of events in Europe not forgetting FIA Drag Racing Championship.

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