Sebastian Loeb Conquered Pikes Peak

Sebastian Loeb Conquered Pikes Peak

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Sebastian Loeb Conquered Pikes Peak 300x180 Sebastian Loeb Conquered Pikes Peak

If you think of car racing and the names that come across your mind are Sebastian Vettel, Michael Schumacher and Ayrton Senna, then you may be missing someone. Sebastian Loeb is one of the best when it comes to World Rally Championships. The thing that Sebastian Loeb did was a thing of lunacy. In fact, he simply smoked the competition with a record that is minute and a half quicker than the previous world record. Also, another thing that is underrated is that if you’ve seen the footage where Sebastian Loeb was actually conquering the Pikes Peak, it was a thing of beauty. Not even a flinch was seen on Sebastian Loeb’s precision driving that day. His record was 8 minutes and 13.88 seconds. The previous record was 9 minutes and 46.16 seconds.

World Rally Championship Experience

One of the things that made Loeb who he is today is his experience as a World Rally Championship participant. In fact, he is not only a participant but also a multiple time champion in the said race. WRC involves a number of things in order to be successful. You will need to have a good navigator and also a car that can withstand all sorts of wear and tear from different elements. In order to do the same at Pikes Peak, it holds the same bearing to have the best car. On the part of Sebastian Loeb, he made use of the powerful Peugeot 208 T16 in order to make the historic feat.

208 T16 in Review

When the car was released, the French car company only mentioned that it has all the proportions different from the production Peugeot 208. Later, it was revealed that the Peugeot 208 was not just a simple car but actually a product of racing experience. The rear wing that was used for Sebastian Loeb’s historic ascent to Pikes Peak in Colorado was the same technology used during the 2009 Le Mans. It increases the traction as the car generates speed. This means that Loeb, didn’t have any trouble navigating the car according to how he liked it.

Racing Success

Peugeot, may be a French company, but it is also equated with racing success even in the US. With success in Indy 500 by Frenchman Jules Goux and Dario Resta, it is not really surprising to see the same as Loeb made history. It is important for any car company to provide racing success as part of its resume. Without the success, it may be impossible to have bragging rights for your customers.

Selling your car is all about association. Mercedes, BMW, and now, Peugeot are all banking on this fact. In order to be a successful car manufacturer, they should also prove to the public that they can outmaneuver out-design and outperform other competitors. Sebastian Loeb made wonders during his WRC days. Now, it is another historic feat that can elevate the popularity of Peugeot.

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