What to Look for in a Secretary

What to Look for in a Secretary

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In business, a secretary is important and definitely plays a vital role in accomplishing not just the goals of the business but as well as the personal endeavors of the employer or the boss himself. A secretary’s role varies depending on the nature of the business or the agreed contract. There are employers who asks their secretary to cover even the personal errands they need while others only asks their secretary to cover the responsibilities related to the company and nothing else. So what are the traits you should look for when hiring a secretary? Let me help you out to ensure you got the right person for the position.

Must be Organized

The main characteristic of a secretary is to be someone who is organized and well systematized in everything he or she does. Having a secretary is similar to having someone arrange your business life or personal life. He or she must know the things to do first, which ones are not important to you and which are those that needs urgent attention by you. Organization is the key to a successful and efficient secretary.

Must Have a Sense of Judgement

Hiring a secretary must not only be organized in all the things she does but must also know how to read between the lines. This means that she must know how to determine whether you consider a certain project, item or person important to your business or not. She must have a sense of everything and should not wait for you to instruct her to do this and that. An ideal secretary must know when to use her sense of judgement and work to ease and reach the goals of the company.

Must Always be Punctual

Considering that you are the boss in the company, your secretary must always be punctual. By being punctual does not only mean to arrive right on time. It means being there in the workplace right before the boss arrives in his or her office. The ideal secretary must be able to organize and systematized everything in her desk before the boss of the company arrives. Surely it wouldn’t be good if you are always cramming despite arriving ahead of your boss because you arrived only 1 or 2 minutes ahead right? So be sure to arrive an hour early or 30 minutes before your employer.

Must be Reliable

Being reliable is also one of the most important traits a secretary must possess. As a secretary, you must be able to accomplish whatever tasks given to you to show that you are a reliable person and that your boss can depend on you at any given time. You should perform your duties and responsibilities as expected or even go an extra mile.

Make Sure your Secretary Has these Traits

There are other traits that a secretary should possess however the traits I mentioned above are those that are highly critical and a must have when hiring a secretary. You should assess properly before hiring for your secretary will work with you on a daily basis and I’m sure you don’t want to go crazy complaining just because you hired the wrong person.

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