Shop in Style: Hollywood & Highland Center

Shop in Style: Hollywood & Highland Center

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Hollywood Highland Center Shop in Style: Hollywood & Highland Center

Hollywood is the home of celebrities, fame, bright lights and stars. It is truly one tourist attraction in Los Angeles that captivates people and is one of the most popular around California. If you have plans on taking a drive to Hollywood and want to do some shopping in style, then Hollywood & Highland Center is one stay destination to visit.

Hollywood & Highland Center is a shopping destination and also an entertainment complex located on Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue in the Hollywood district in LA. This world famous shopping center also includes TCL Chinese Theater, the Dolby Theatre and the historical site of once Hollywood Hotel. The developer of this amazing shopping destination built a portion of the archway and two pillars with elephant sculptures on capitals as seen in a famous film. There is a total of 75 shops, restaurants, movie theater and also two nightclubs. There is also a bowling alley located in the center for visitors to enjoy. The following stores are the ones that are facing the Hollywood Boulevard: Express, Sephora, GAP and American Eagle. Shopping is surely one of the best activities to do at Hollywood & Highland Center. If you just want to take a stroll around the complex, you could also enjoy many world famous attractions around the area. Within the complex, there is a Grand Ballroom which is used for the Oscars Governors Ball and also the regional headquarters of celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck. It also houses TV broadcasting facilities which are visited by many celebrities in the Hollywood area. It has a total retail floor area of 640,000 square feet and has 5 floors just for retail purposes.


The developer of Hollywood & Highlands Center is Trizec Properties and the owner is CIM Group. The architects of the project are Kuhn Achitects and Ehrenkrantz Eckstut. The developer(s) used the funds that came from the Community Redevelopment Agency and this amazing shopping center opened after a construction period of three years. It was built to revitalize the whole Hollywood Boulevard and bring in more tourists and visitors to the area. The entire project is of joint development and there is a public agency that leases the rights of development in exchange for property improvements.

Trizec Properties Inc. sold the interest in the development for over $200 million back in 2004 to CIM Group and this is now the current owner of the center. Back in 2005, the center underwent renovations for improvement and added in new features such as escalators that could lead the visitors from the boulevard to the third floor of the central courtyard. Besides the convenience, the renovations also included new stores and a new signage.

Although Hollywood & Highlands has been through controversy an criticism throughout its years, it is no doubt still one very famous tourist attraction in Hollywood. The center has played a very essential role in attracting more visitors to Hollywood Boulevard. With many popular stores and a relaxing and exciting atmosphere, Hollywood & Highlands and surely one shopping destination that is a must-visit in Los Angeles.

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