Shopping Experience at Guangzhou’s Grandview Mall

Shopping Experience at Guangzhou’s Grandview Mall

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Guangzhous Grandview Mall 300x200 Shopping Experience at Guangzhous Grandview Mall

If you are planning to visit China’s city Guangzhou then you should go to Grandview Mall.Research Forbes magazine in 2007 revealed that it is one of the top 10 largest shopping malls in the world. With the area of 420,000 square meters, this mall is the biggest mall of Asia. The credit of Guangzhou’s real bliss definitely goes to the Grandview Mall.


You’ll notice the discipline and the good control of people within this shopping mall which is due to the excellent management of the team. Without its proper management, nothing good can be achieved. So the management has great role in the entire success of this shopping mall. On one occasion, the remarks of the Vice Director of the mall’s marketing department Mr. Liang Lan were quite inspirational and gives clear indication that the great achievements of the mall is just because of the efficient management of their team.


The Mall was opened around 2005- 2007 for the general public. More than 400,000 visitors come here per day, including both local residents as well as travelers. The mall has partnership with the Great European Department Store that has made it convenient to add many international brands in the mall. However, many local brands are also available here and earning business successfully.


It is located in Tianhe Central Business District. This area is very near to the East City Railway Station and the building is consists of 48 floors. In the building you’ll find many restaurants, offices, play areas, and a lot more under one roof.

What you can Purchase

You can buy everything from the mall. From high quality branded items which is the identity of this shopping mall up to its cheapest items. Home décor items, jewelry, cosmetics, and costumes are very popular in this shopping mall. You can easily find the Canadian brand Pretty Valley’s home décor. Also, the branded cosmetics shops are easily available.


Many stores are providing a complete range of kid’s branded costumes as well as shoes, books and many other products. On the 5th floor of the building, there is a wide variety of toys and games such as Lego, Hasbro and Fisher Price items. This is the only place that offers different types of items to type types of customers, may it be kids, adults and even senior citizens. When you enter the mall, you can shop for the entire family. After shopping, you can take a break; enjoy delicious meal deals with your family or even a movie from 3D Cineplex. If your children are getting bore, then don’t insist them to stroll with you. You can leave them to enjoy in the bowling arena. On the other hand, they can also spend a good time by playing video games and so many other healthy activities within the shopping malls vicinity.

Enjoy your Visit at Grandview Mall

Surely it will be very enjoyable to visit this place especially if you’re a tourist. You’ll feel the warm welcome of the locals and of course, you’ll experience a different style of shopping. Visit this wonderful shopping mall to experience how the Chinese people do their shopping and enjoy every experience you’ll encounter.

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