Shopping Malls- The Admirable Malls in the World

Shopping Malls- The Admirable Malls in the World

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Utama Shopping Centre Shopping Malls  The Admirable Malls in the World

There are many shopping malls all over the world and sometimes you feel
like going to each of these malls and find out the difference of why people would like to go there. However, because it’s not possible for you to travel from one place to another with a limited budget, here’s a list of some shopping malls that you can consider as part of the most admirable malls in the world.

The Dubai Mall

It is the biggest shopping arena of the whole Middle East and at the same time the largest if you based it on the total land area occupied. This mall is a title magnet for not only is this considered the largest in the Middle East and the world based on its land area, it is also ranked 6th when it comes to the biggest gross leasable area.

It is also the largest mall that opened in retail history back in November 4, 2008. You can never find any substitute for this mall, because of the massive products you will find here that are mostly not available in other malls in the world. The Dubai Mall is situated in United Arab Emirates that is visited by not only the Arab people but also people from around the world.

Utama Shopping Centre

If you have seen this you will agree that there’s no better shopping mall like this in Malaysia. This shopping center is located in Petaling Javais and is the biggest shopping mall of Malaysia that attracts people to visit. It is also the fourth largest mall in the world and the biggest in Malaysia which is a marvellous site to see.

Central World in Bangkok

It is situated in Thailand which is mostly visited by tourists from all over the world. This shopping plaza is said to be the 6th largest shopping complex all over the world. This is owned by Central Pattana and was expanded back in 2006. This complex includes an office tower as well as a hotel to cater the needs of tourists.

Isfahan City center

This is the ideal shopping center of Iran that is famous for its unique construction and the way shopping is done. This is the largest mall of Iran where it includes a five star hotel with a 7 star standards. It has a total of 750 retail stores to choose from with 7 cinema halls to entertain shoppers.

Persian Gulf Complex

This is the sixth largest shopping mall of the world if you based it on the number of stores available. It is situated in Iran; Shiraz city which is the biggest city of Iran. Because of its tourist shoppers, this complex includes Burj Fars International which has 262 available rooms for its visitors. This is a complex mall with 2 amusement parks to roam around; the indoor and outdoor amusement park.

Mall of Asia

This is the second largest shopping center of the Philippines and is the first shopping mall to offer iMax theatre in the country. Aside from the iMax theatre, it also offers an intimate theatre for anyone who feel like watching at the comfort of their homes which they call Director’s Club Theater. In this theatre viewers will have a chance to seat on a La-Z-Boy to experience maximum comfort while watching a movie.

Explore your Options

Now that you have an idea of some of the most admirable malls in the world, you can visit one of these malls in case you go for a vacation. Malls can relieve you from stress and help you forget about your worries for the mean time, so if ever you are situated near in these malls, don’t miss the chance to explore your options and see the wonderful things these admirable malls has to offer.

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