Shopping Malls in Jakarta

Shopping Malls in Jakarta

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Plaza Indonesia Shopping Malls in Jakarta

Jakarta is the largest city and at the same the capital of Indonesia. Because this city is the center of its political, cultural and economic resources it made this city one of the major cities in Jakarta. When it comes to shopping, you can consider Jakarta as the shopping hub of the nation as well as of the entire South East Asia. Of course, this city is famous because of its “Jakarta Great Sale” that is held every year. There are a total of 73 shopping mall participants in this yearly event where the number of tourists’ increases and is held every June or July of the year. To show you the magnificent malls of Jakarta, here are some lists you can check out.

Plaza Indonesia

This shopping mall is located right in the central Jakarta which is popularly known as the “PI” shopping mall. This was opened way back in the middle of 1990 which is considered as one of the high end malls in Indonesia. It houses some of the world’s expensive brands and luxurious shops such as the Hugo Boss, Salvatore Ferragamo, Max Mara, Giorgio Armani, Fendi, Christian Louboutin, Zara and a lot more. You can also locate a lot of cafes and restaurants. One of its famous cafe shops is the Starbucks cafe.

Plaza Senayan

This is also another high end shopping mall found in the central of Jakarta. It is said that this shopping mall caters the upscale or high class society of Jakarta where most of its high profile teens are doing their shopping spree. The building has 3 floor levels and 2 department stores that are interconnected. The ground floor of this shopping mall houses most of its designer stores while the second floor is for the casual items or clothes. The third and fourth floors are mainly for entertainment and food. For entertainment, it showcases 10 studios and 8 of which are standard studios while the two are premiere ones.

Central Park

This complex is combined together with a shopping mall, three apartments, one hotel and an office tower. This complex is considered to be the 8th largest complex in the world and its hotel occupies 655,000 square meters of land area. This shopping mall offers a lot of services and one of which is the Blitsmegaplex for entertainment, Starbucks cafe, a ballroom and a lot of shopping boutiques. It also has a shuttle bus to cater shoppers without any means of transportation.

Grand Indonesia Shopping Town

This is a mixture of a shopping mall and a hotel that occupies a total of 640,000 square meters. This shopping centre is made up of two blocks that are connected or linked together by a bridge with three special zones to cater the different needs of its shoppers. Some of its retail shops include Adidas, Nike, Alleira and a lot more. It also houses some of the world’s expensive brands and one of which is Chanel. This shopping mall is recommended for all type of shoppers, may it be high or low class.

Have Fun in Jakarta Now

Although some are not yet aware about Jakarta’s beauty, this place is also a top tourist destination. It does not only houses famous structures but also beautiful shopping malls that are eye catching and worth visiting. Therefore, if you’re in the area, Jakarta malls are also a good place to spend your vacation.

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