Shopping Malls – Warsaw Malls

Shopping Malls – Warsaw Malls

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Shopping Malls – Warsaw Malls Arkadia 300x168 Shopping Malls – Warsaw Malls

Warsaw is the largest city of Poland, also known as Warszawa.
In this city, there are almost more than 20 shopping malls which are not substandard and mediocre from any angle as compared to the world’s famous shopping malls. The special thing about the shopping malls of Warsaw is that these malls remain open 7 days of the week so that the people can enjoy shopping with their families all they want. I’m sure you’re curious of what are the popular shopping malls people in Warsaw are fond about, therefore here is the list.


Arkadia is said to be the largest shopping centre located in Poland. This shopping mall was established way back in 2004 and has been attracting a lot of shoppers since then and has been visited by more than 21 million people annually. When it comes to architecture, Arkadia truly stand out with its glass roofs, fancy patterned mosaics, its arcades along the lines of its shopping streets and of course the use of natural stones. When it comes to its contents, Arkadia boasts its flagship stores of both Polish and international brands. Within its vicinity are a medical center as well as fine restaurants and cafes. For entertainment, Arkadia also has cinemas to offer shoppers.

Atrium Reduta

This shopping mall is said to be one of the oldest in the area that was established way back in 1999 and was expanded in 2004. When it comes to fashion and entertainment, this shopping mall is the perfect place to visit. It is located within the heart of Warsaw right in its business district area where it can easily be accessed by cars and local transport. Do not undermine this shopping mall when it comes to services for it offers a lot such as banking services, travel assistance, photo shops, laundry, telephone services, tailoring, car wash services, watch repair and a whole lot of services you can think of. Here you will also find a lot of new attractions such as its China Town, coffee heaven, wine centre, and a lot of delicious and mouth watering foods to eat.

Panorama Center

This shopping center was opened in the year 1993 which was said to be the 1st of its kind in Poland and Warsaw. This shopping center is located in the Southern part of the city. It occupies a total area of 27, 000 square meters with 3 floor levels consisting of 90 different shops such as perfume shops, confectioner, shoe wears, a wellness area, beauty salons for women and men, restaurants and cafes. This center is divided into 5 different zones and has a parking space of 300. It’s a shopping mall for everyone for it also has a wheelchair access, lifts and elevators for easy shopping experience.

Blue City

This shopping mall is known for its modern touch and is said to be different among the other shopping malls in the area. It is said to be different for it offers competitive prices to its tenants and it even offers properties with architectural designs to interesting shopping centers. When it comes to entertainment, it offers a vast facilities and this shopping mall also organizes events such as festivals, fairs, exhibits, cultural events and a lot more. Blue city is like a city within the heart of the city, it comes with good parking spaces, a high class air conditioning shopping mall with wide corridors to stroll around. Surely this is different from other shopping malls.

Enjoy the Fun Warsaw has to Offer

Warsaw indeed has a lot of shopping malls to provide and satisfy your shopaholic attitude. Therefore, if you want to give everything you have and want to experience a blast time on your vacation, visit Warsaw and experience shopping in a different style!

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