Simple Ways to Impress a Woman

Simple Ways to Impress a Woman

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Dating women and impressing them does not need any special skills; all you have to do is to be yourself and always be confident. However, these things are easier said than done. Sometimes, being you may be a bad idea. Men will do whatever it takes to impress the woman he is dating on their first date by taking them out to a fine restaurant for dinner or taking them to the movies.

What men should know and what women are counting on is that men should do the simple things that will impress her. These do not necessarily materialistic or extravagant things. Here are top 10 simple ways to impress a woman.

Eye to Eye Contact

Women will know how confident and sincere a man is when they do frequent eye to eye contact with them. Eye to eye to contact is very important and women will really appreciate this. In a woman’s point of view, an eye to eye contact conversation means that the man is very interested in getting to know her especially when they are talking about their work or their personal life.

Look Neat

Looking neat and clean on your first date is one of most basic dating tips that will impress women. How well a person takes care of himself shows the true character of a person, whether if he is lazy or responsible. Looking good will reflect how responsible a person is in terms of taking care of himself.

Be a Gentleman

Being a gentleman is a natural trait of a man that is sometimes forgotten because of the environment that influences him. Being courteous and respectful is being a gentleman, and you can do this by putting her first above all things. For example, getting her coat before she takes a seat or opening the door and letting her get inside before you do. These things are little things that place a big impact to a woman’s heart.

Socialize with Her Friends

Both men and women like their partners to socialize with their friends because they can be one person with their friends and their partners. They do not need to hide some characteristics that might turn them off. Women would love their partners to socialize with their friends because unlike men, women are more rigid when it comes to adapting and accepting different types of personalities. If their partners do not know how to interact with their friends, expect that their relationship won’t last for a very long time.

Compliment Her Beauty

Women would love to hear their partners or dates compliment how they look are every now and then. Complimenting her beauty and telling her how gorgeous she is show her that you really care for them and appreciate them. They will feel wanted and adored, which will surely make them fall head over heels for you.

Put Her First

When you are on a date, it is best that you set your cell phone to silent mode or do not entertain calls or text. Putting her first and making her your priority will surely impress her and show her that her time is very precious whenever you are together. If you do this, expect her to do the same for you.

Ask Her for Advice

Asking her advice about something important in your life will surely impress her because it means that you are a person who is not one dimensional and you value her opinion. It takes a lot of pride for a man to ask an advice from women; and for you doing this, she knows that you can lower your pride.

Ask Her Questions

Ask her questions about her past, her hobbies, favorite color, favorite movies and etc. Asking these questions may sound silly and corny but if you do, it will show how you are interested to know her more deeply. Women love the attention when men ask questions about their likes and dislikes. This way, you could give them the things that they want and refrain from the unwanted stuff.

Show Her How Passionate and Committed You Are

Showing your date or your girlfriend how passionate you are not just in your relationship but also in your work and hobbies will give her the impression that you are a very dedicated person. It means that when you go into a relationship with her, you will show the same attitude and that you are loyal and a keeper.

Support Her Dreams

Chasing your dreams in life is a fantasy that not all people achieve. For most people, chasing their dreams can give meaning to their life. If your date or your girlfriends has a dream that you think is achievable and she just needs a little push and encouragement for her to chase it, it is best that you support her all the way. It is true that in every man’s victory, there is a woman behind. It is also true that in every woman’s victory, there is a man supporting her. Once she captures her dream and she is contented, you will be the first one she will thank and she will cherish you forever.

Women are more impressed if you show them the little things that will make her feel special. It does not matter to them if you are the richest man in town and you take them to the most expensive places. If you do not know how to appreciate them, then expect yourself to be nothing more but a friend to her.

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