Know More Sir Bradley Wiggins

Know More Sir Bradley Wiggins

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There are a number of great cyclists, but Bradley Wiggins will be one of the best names remembered in bicycle racing. Nicknamed as the Wiggo, Bradley Wiggins is a legend in the sport of road and track racing. With his cycling pursuit traced from his youth, he was able to win different races from Tour de Romandie to the Criterium Du Dauphine. But what makes this British cyclist a legend is because of the fact that he won the Tour De France and the Olympic Games.

Sir Bradley Marc Wiggins was born in April 28, 1980. He was able to draw inspiration how to ride the bike from his professional cyclist Belgian father who used to race also during his days. Though he was left by his father when he was only two years old, he was able to pursue the same sport and even become better than his father.

His First Love in Football

Though he excelled in being a cyclist, being a child, he developed a fascination with football. He was an Arsenal fan when he was young. During the 1992 Olympics, this served as an eye opener for him. He was invited by his mother to look into the individual pursuit final of that year’s Olympics. From there, everything was history. Seeing the Briton Chris Boardman win the Olympics made a different feeling for Bradley Wiggins. It was also explained to him that his father used to be successful with those types of bicycle races.

When a Star Was Born

Right after the 1992 Olympics, at the age of 12, he entered his first race. In the West London Challenge, Wiggo made an appearance that made him realize how great it is to race. That year though, he broke his collarbone. When he was compensated with £1,700, he made use of the money to buy a bicycle and the rest to he gave to his mother. By the year 2010, he would already be inducted in the London Youth Games Hall of Fame for his accomplishments.

His first major breakthrough was in 1996. Here, he was able to finish as the 1996 Junior Track Champion in the Saffron Lane Sports Center. He left school in 1996 to go for cycling commitments. At this point, everyone is noticing the prowess of the young Bradley Wiggins. What made him popular though was when he won the three kilometer race in 1998 as the Junior Track Champion. It was a race held in Cuba.

What Makes a Champion?

What makes a champion is a combination of genes and dedication. It is important to have a good amount of perseverance, as well. For Wiggins, it is an important thing to note that he had all of these things together. Bradley Wiggins was able to make all of these things possible thanks to the dedication and support that were given to him since he first glued his eyes on the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.

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