SM Mall of Asia: The Biggest Shopping Mall in Asia

SM Mall of Asia: The Biggest Shopping Mall in Asia

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Shopping Mall SM Mall of Asia SM Mall of Asia: The Biggest Shopping Mall in Asia

The SM Mall of Asia is one of the biggest shopping centres  in the world in terms of size.
It is the second largest shopping haven in the Philippines and the third largest shopping haven in the world.  It occupies a space of 42 hectares with an area of approximately 390,193 square feet. The fact that this shopping centre is located near the SM central park makes it even more attractive for there are over 200,000 people who visit the park on foot.

Constructions and Structure

This shopping haven is housed in a 5 storey building and its construction started way back in 2002. It boasts of a number of facilities and was officially opened by then sitting Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. The facility of SM shopping centre is spacious and is capable of hosting large events such as concerts, circus, ice shows, entertainment and sports. The main building consists of 4 which are interconnected by walkways. There is the entertainment portion, the South and the North parking for cars.

Its Facilities

The main hall is amazing comprising of its trendy clothes for shopping purposes, food court and the dinning sections. The entertainment complex is a little bit unique and is housed in a two –story complex which is mostly an open air that faces Manila bay. The parking space can accommodate approximately 5,000 cars and its parking space divided in to two sections. The uniquely constructed six storey parking is meant to serve the North part of the building while the South parking particularly designed to be used by visitors on the Southern part of the building.

What it offers to its Visitors

It hosts a number of supermarkets, departmental stores and a hypermarket. It is one of the shopping centres in Asia where you will be able to get anything that you want. When you choose to visit this facility, you will be welcomed by a large globe on its gate entrance which makes this centre spectacular and eye catching. There are anchor stores available at this famous shopping area and the IMAX theater that makes it the most attractive place which attracts multitude of people across the globe.

This is the world’s largest IMAX which shows 3D and 2D screening. If you are looking for entertainment, recreational and accommodation facilities, the place to go is this shopping haven. The cinema fans have a chance to sample the best of IMAX Theater and those who love skating and ice hockey also have a chance to do what they love most. This is also where the Skate Asia 2007 version was held.

Check it to Believe

It is quite a giant shopping entre with a lot of things to offer. When it comes to its theater then this shopping haven has the highest standard you can think of. With its largest screen and La-Z-Boy seat, anyone who plans to visit this shopping haven will surely not regret it. Check the IMAX theater to believe that this shopping centre is one of a kind.

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