Smooth Ways to Fire an Employee

Smooth Ways to Fire an Employee

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 Smooth Ways to Fire an Employee

Are you looking for smooth ways to fire an employee? The reality of firing an employee has never been easy. Many times, the process is full of emotions and at times it may get nasty. However, there are some tips that if followed, may ease the process and make a seemingly bad situation better. As much as you may not enjoy firing your employees, should the situation call for such an action, here are some considerations that will ensure that the process takes place smoothly.

Be Sure of your Action

There may be many reasons as to why you are firing the employee. It may be because of financial shortfalls or because of their actions. However, before you release an employee, you need to be sure that the reason warrants the release from duty. Take time to consider the consequences of firing the employee and what effects it will have on the business and on the remaining employees.

Even when you are sure that the employee should be fired, you will still need to fine tune the documentations to ensure that there is nothing warranting a legal suit later on.  Ensure that everything is documented including the reasons for your actions, the details pertaining to termination of the employee duties and the witnesses where possible. This will ensure that should a legal suit arise later on, you will be in a position to defend your actions.

Have a Private Session

Once you are sure that everything else is in place, do not fire the employee in public. This can not only affect the person but also the remaining employees. Therefore, the best to do is to have a private session with the employee. Call him privately and discuss with him. If possible, have a witness during the private discussions. However, let the employee know and understand the reason behind your decision. Even at such a time, try and use kind words. Remember that as much as it is not easy for you to fire the employee, the news you are offering the employee is also heart breaking. Therefore, ensure that you present your case in such a manner that the employee will accept and appreciate your decision. Remember that you may need the services of the same employee in the future.

Avoid Arguments

As much as you want to be reasonable and understanding as an employer, the employee may sometimes open an avenue for arguments. The best is never to argue. Arguments may open a door to legal battles and will only make the process more complicated for both you and your employee. Even if the employee is mad and verbal, the best is to keep calm. In this manner, the employee will come to terms with the situation and realize that his actions are not helping the situation.

Hand Over Phase

Once you are through with the firing process, always remember to ensure that the employee hands over all company assets under his care. Also, ensure that the employee hands over all the assignments that he was currently working on. In this way, continuity will be ensured despite the release of the employee.

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