Best Snacks to Eat While Watching TV

Best Snacks to Eat While Watching TV

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Popcorn 300x187 Best Snacks to Eat While Watching TV

There is nothing more satisfying than watching your favorite TV show while eating your favorite snacks. But do you think that your favorite snacks are included on the top 10 best snacks to eat while watching TV? Let’s find out.


For many generations now, popcorn has been considered to be the first choice when it comes to having snacks while watching TV because of its delicious crunch without being heavy on the stomach.


Pretzels are sweet and are very light on the stomach. People enjoy the simple sweetness of a pretzel. For those who want more than the plain flavor, serving dips like chocolate or fruit jams is also a great idea.

French Fries

French fries is also listed as the top choice when it comes to having snacks while watching TV. It is very light on the stomach, and when mixed with salt or cheese powder, the flavor is enhanced.


Burgers are heavy snacks. People who prefer eating burgers while watching are usually the heavy eaters or just hungry. In addition to the traditional bun and patty, cheese, coleslaw, and tomatoes can also be added.


Nachos are light yet tasty snacks. People enjoy this snack better when paired with spicy salsa sauce. Traditionally, Nachos are made for people who drink beer. Since its tastiness has captured the hearts of children, they have become a family favorite, too.


This dish is very meaty, so meat lovers, mostly men choose this for a snack while watching their favorite sports shows.

Onion Rings

Eating onion rings are very healthy. It is also very easy to prepare. Just wrap in eggs and bread crumbs then deep fry, you got your family a snack for TV time.

Buffalo Chicken wings

Because of its spicy flavor, buffalo chicken wings are best served with beer for a group of friends gathered around the living room.


Whether sweet or salty, raw or roasted, peanuts are in the list because it’s easy to prepare and offer a great time of munching on while everyone’s eyes are glued on the TV screen.


This comfort food is quite heavy so it can also serve as your lunch if you can’t get off the couch during a movie marathon. To enhance the flavor, it is best served with hot sauce. Normally it is more enjoyable if you ate pizza with your friends or family. Unless you are really hungry, a whole box of pizza is just too much for one mouth.

Some people enjoy watching movies just to relax, and some choose to eat outside.  For people who decide to stay home and be a couch potato for a day, snacks will surely make it more enjoyable.

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