The South Coast Plaza: Biggest Shopping Mall in the USA

The South Coast Plaza: Biggest Shopping Mall in the USA

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The South Coast Plaza Shopping Mall The South Coast Plaza: Biggest Shopping Mall in the USA

The South Coast Plaza which is touted as the biggest shopping mall in the United States is also the most luxurious shopping haven in the said country. It houses over 250 boutiques and is the home to the world’s renowned brand names in fashion which made this shopping centre the best place for fashion gurus. When you visit this biggest shopping centre, you will experience nothing but the best including a chance to sample the best of its award winning restaurants. It has a sculpture garden and art venues that are attractive and offers only the best view to its visitors. A Title Holder Aside from being the biggest shopping area in the United States, it was awarded way back in 2004 as the “Ultimate Shopping Resort” by the Federal Trademark. This is also the only shopping center that was able to reach staggering $1.5 billion revenue from its stores in the history of the United States. Aside from these titles, this shopping centre is boasting its 250 retailers which made it a top producer of high end fashion.

High End Shops In business, it is expected that when a luxurious shopping haven opens up, high end stores will fight for their spot because it is where the money is. Because it is the most luxurious and one of the biggest, therefore you can expect that there are a lot of high end stores in its vicinity such as the following; Harry Winston, Tiffany’s, Rolex, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Hermes, and Barneys New York for children. There are still higher end designers boutiques waiting for you to explore them. If you love popular designers then you’ll find stores such as Prada, Chanel, Dior, Versace, Christian Louboutin, Valentino and Nordstrom. These are just few of the many high quality shops it has to provide you. So whenever you go shopping, make sure to bring a sizeable amount of cash. Fun Events. It does not only care about how to profit, it also provides their customers with something to be happy about held in different events such as a mark down sale of 50%, summer sale, exhibits, and even family events such as father’s day and an event for your extended member of the family, a dogs day event. These are some of the events that this shopping haven will hold in cycle. This will surely bring smile to all its customers.

Impressive Services Because your happiness and experience is the priority of this shopping ventre, then expect you’ll have your personal consultant when it comes to fashion. This is part of their service, to provide customers ease while shopping. To provide optimum experience, you can also avail of their strollers and wheelchairs service which is refundable after use, VIP passport to all its local and international customers, money exchange and even foreign language assistance. It is not just the biggest but this is also considered to be one of the best when it comes to service and there’s nothing you can ask for!

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