How to Stand Out at Work as a Newbie

How to Stand Out at Work as a Newbie

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It seems so surprising and amazing to see a colleague getting promoted to a higher position within just a few months of stay in the company.  It should not be surprising at all as excelling at work is well deserved by anyone with the right skills, knowledge, and attitude toward work and the workplace; regardless if the worker has stayed in the company for a long time or not.  It is not unfair, as what the veterans who did not get the higher position say.  It is just a wise career move that the newbie did with exceptional courage.  This article will give some tips on how to stand out at work as a newbie.  The fears and hindrances that the new worker encounters that stop them from growing up professionally.  This article will help them to discard those fear and hindrances.

It is all about quality and quanitity

It is not right to think that one must stay in a company for a long period of time just to be eligible for promotion or to get any performance recognition.  Do the rights things and exert effort on doing each and every task well done.  An employee can stay in a company in as short as 1 month but he can always mark himself as one of the best, hard working, and reliable staffs.


Be friendly and know who to talk to when it comes to upgrading professional status 

It helps all the time to have a lot of friends in the workplace as it boosts positive vibes.  It is also very  helpful when one knows who should be approached to discuss work and get some tips from them on how to do work effectively.


Look up to veterans’ experience and knowledge but don’t let them stand on top of you

Veterans can always provide additional knowledge needed for a worker to do the assigned task in an effective and timely manner.  Training period is a big help but the things that one can learn on the “real world” or in the live production will come from the people who do the same things at work.  Even some trainers admit that what they do teach during the training are just the basic information of the job, but the real important factors that a worker should learn will be found in the live production area, from the veterans.  Asking them for help and assistance does not mean that an employee should place himself under the veteran’s place all the time.  An employee should know from the start that being independent at work is very essential just the same way as being open to learning new things do.

Do not be afraid to speak up about a better idea

This happens most of the time, an employee has a great idea in mind that can make work much better but he is so afraid to make a suggestion, fearing that someone might a accuse him of trying hard to look good.  This thinking is not right.  In any work place, everyone should be equal.  It will never be equal if one does not make any effort to establish a fair game at work. One can never be able to speak up if he is too afraid to share his ideas.  It is just as simple as that.  Do not be afraid to speak up so the opportunity for improvement and to get noticed will not be lost.

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