Strange Things You Can Buy Online

Strange Things You Can Buy Online

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The Internet is evolving every now and then. It already contains a lot of things that you can see, hear or even buy. This is why online stores exist. As more and more people are engaging into this business, more and more things are being sold that fall both into the category of bizarre and not. If you’re wondering what we are talking about, here are the top 10 strangest things you can buy online.

Human Skulls

The site is called Skulls Unlimited. This is where you can buy human skulls with a wide array of choices and take note, they don’t come cheap. Some people would buy skulls for education purposes or those that want to put them up in a museum or something. Some people may find this bizarre, which is probably the reason why sales are done online instead of in actual stores. 

UFO Detector

If you are one of those people who are addicted to knowing what’s beyond the universe, then this gadget is for you. This UFP detector is sold for USD75 on the Internet. As said so on the product description, this is a super advanced extra terrestrial detection. This piece of technology is just what you need when you want to spot unidentified flying objects up there, you won’t even need to have a lab or anything, just this and the sky.


It is a known fact that some people do sell their organs for money. Some sell their eyes and their liver. This is considered a black market because this is illegal.  A liver was sold on the Internet that managed to reach over 5 million USD. However, the site was taken down due to some laws against selling organs online. That someone’s liver must have been of great importance because it was sold for great deal of money.

Justin Timberlake’s French Toast

Back in the day when NSYNC was such a huge hit and Justin Timberlake was that generation’s Justin Bieber, fans and fans over the world would do anything just for them. These are your typical fans. When the group had an interview in a morning TV show, Justin had this French toast that he wasn’t able to finish. Fortunately for the fans, someone snagged it up and sold it on eBay.  Thousands of fans made bidding war over it and at the end, it was a sold to lucky fan for almost 4 thousand US dollars.

Wolf Urine

Yes, there are actually things like this online. One of the sellers is Deer Busters and they sell wolf urine on eBay. This wolf urine functions to allow hunters to scare away critters and trick them into thinking that predators like a wolf are nearby. This will come in very handy for those people who have a problem with critters and or a have a hard time catching deer or wolf.

Naming a Baby

If you have just given birth to a beautiful baby girl or a handsome baby boy and you don’t have a name for either yet, you can always sell it to someone.  Not the baby of course, but the right of naming. There was already this incident wherein Melissa Heuschkel did not know what would be the name of her fourth child so she decided to post it online, hoping for someone to help her out. Then, an online casino ( stumbled upon it and bought the rights for a whooping fifteen thousand dollars and named the baby after their company name. It was very fortunate for the mother but not so much for the baby. We wonder where that baby is now and what her or his nickname is.

An Enormous Cheeto

This is probably the most popular and most tasty snack there is. That is why there are many people who are hooked to this food. In 2003, the world’s largest cheeto was put on sale. It is bigger than a quarter and weighs over half an ounce. A lot of people were interested, not to eat it but because it’s not every day that a cheeto can be as big as that.

Imaginary Friend

If you cannot find a real friend anywhere, then you might just as well purchase one online. An imaginary friend named Jon Malipienman was sold by the seller and this might sound crazy, but someone did buy him and paid nearly three thousand US dollars. The invisible companion came with a picture and yes, it’s just plain and empty photo. This might sound funny but this is actually a serious matter because the fact that someone would buy an imaginary friend means that he or she is in serious need of one. This is not very encouraging for people because obviously this is just a trick to get money from people and taking advantage of their weakness.

The Moon

Ever heard of guys saying to girls that if only they could, they’d buy the moon for her? Well, it looks like this can be possible! The Lunar registry in New York is selling the moon or more specifically, 1 acre of it. You can buy a part of the moon for only 32 US dollars. This can be a very unique and special gift for someone. Not that they can actually claim it but you know what they say, it is the thought that counts.

Urine Powered Batteries

Technology can get weird at times, too. Researchers have found out that urine can actually power up a battery. The Japanese were the first to invent this and they have been selling it online. It actually works and more and more people are buying this idea.

If you have time to kill, you can look these things up online. if they are still available, you may want to purchase some – either because you need it or just for the sake of doing something weird from time to time. So what are you waiting for? Check them out now.

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