Street Motorcycle Racing

Street Motorcycle Racing

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If you are looking for the best motorcycle to make your superbike racing more exciting, head straight to or call your local motorcycle shop and place your order. As a new rider you can always bank on these shops for introduction to the best motorcycle models. Besides, you can also gain experience by simply learning more about motorbike racing from them. Additionally, if you are looking forward to improving your sportbike riding skills, “track day” remains a legal and the safest method to use.

Steps to Follow
The first step that requires your consideration is one that involves calling your local motorcycle retailer and placing your order of your best race track. Adding the words “Track Day” will simplify things even further for you. You will definitely get a lot of assistance especially so if you are a new comer into the racing field. With the assistance you will be accorded – being taken round the track numerous times just to ensure that you remain comfortable all through – is just some of the ways to encourage you in your decision to start learning racing. Using the track is more secure than the streets. On the track there are no stoplights, no old ladies, no sand and that everyone is moving in the same direction. If you want to take advantage of the discounts provided, make your booking and payment early.

Don’t SkimpPick Your Protective Gear

  • The best type of gloves for your superbike racing is the race type; gloves that are thick at the knuckles and have rivets on the palms.
  • A jacket that can be zipped together or a one-piece suit that has a built-in protection on the knees, forearms, calves, elbows, cordura race pants or leather, will ensure your maximum protection.
  • Racing boots (motorcycle)
  • Helmet that covers the whole face
  • Spine/hard back protector.

Thoroughly Go Over Your Motorcycle

So as to ensure undertaking a secure superbike racing it is important that you consider the following:

  • Brake pads and tires must be almost new.
  • The tires must meet the set racing standards. Here, it is safer to be strict to ensure a composition that is sticker. Suitable pressure is mandatory; normal pressure you use while on the streets is not sufficient when on the track. You can always ensure this with your local tire representative or any person operating a track day.
  • Dismantle the mirrors
  • Disconnect the brake lights as well as the headlights
  • Ascertain the authenticity of your chain, oil, folks and any other part that requires maintenance.
  • Ensure to use the blue painter’s tape throughout the headlights and turn on the taillights and signals.
  • Learning racing also requires that you to ensure that your suspension is set high. In case you do not have an idea of how set your swingarm and forks to conform to your weight, make them firm.

As a matter of fact, in superbike racing, it is necessary to ensure that your motorbike engine is in good shape. If the coolant needs replacement, use water. Sometimes it is forbidden to operate with an engine that has a leaking coolant. If your bike is moving in the track, using straight water as a coolant works quite well. One important point you should note is that unlike water, ethylene does not evaporate. This therefore means that regardless of the state of your antifreeze; make sure it is changed to water. Redline water wetter airways to avoid causing an accident with your leaking coolant.

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