Some Stunning and Beautiful Malls of Nigeria

Some Stunning and Beautiful Malls of Nigeria

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Ceddi Plaza Abuja Some Stunning and Beautiful Malls of Nigeria

Nigeria is one of those countries that have already reached a
middle income status according to the report of the World Bank. Because the Economy of Nigeria is vast improving, therefore you can expect that when it comes to tourism, this country is also climbing on top to make their name. Now, there are currently numerous shopping malls in Nigeria that caters to the needs of the locals. Now, let’s check these shopping malls to have an idea.

The Palms Shopping Mall

The Palms shopping mall provides the standard of international shopping in Nigeria. It is a single storey mall that covers the area of about 44,000 square meters located along the Lekki road. The mall is the house of almost 62 shops that offers a large variety of products and services. You can enjoy a comfortable shopping without having any trouble to move from one store to another to buy different things.

Nu Metro, South African brands Game and Shoprite are some of the examples of its anchor stores. Many boutiques, spa’s, entertainment places, cinema and other food corners are some other features offered by this shopping mall. Off-road parking facility for around 700 cars is also provided by the management of the mall.

Polo Park Mall

This is the example of the modern shopping mall in the state. It is the result of the efforts of Polo Park Development Company, which is a public-private-partnership between the Persianas Group and Enugu State Government.

The mall was opened in Enugu during the second week of September 2011. The mall is at the standard of the high class shopping malls of the world where you find all the world class brands and boutiques. This mall is one of the expensive malls of Nigeria. The mall is the house of many shops, boutiques, business places, banks, restaurants, activity places, health courts and a lot more.

Ceddi Plaza, Abuja

This mall is beautifully designed and presents an amazing picture of a great architecture. An ultra-modern shopping mall that has about 55 specialty stores. The mall is located in Abuja and commenced on November 2005. The mall is the property of Ceddi Corporation; controlled and managed by Broll Property Services Nigeria. The mall inhabits many multinational organizations and companies along with banks and other institutions.

The interior of this shopping mall will give you a feeling=
that you are in any European country’s largest shopping mall. Many international brands and retail stores would make you feel that you are in an international shopping mall.  At the boundary line of the mall, you’ll find many offices, cinemas, banks, stores, clubs, photo studios, restaurants, spa, gifts shops, dry cleaning services, a dentist’s office, pharmacy, play alleys and many more. ATM facility is also available in this mall so if you have spent all your cash, you can withdraw some more to enjoy shopping. Once you’ll visit this mall, you’ll forget all other malls for sure.

Explore these Malls Now

Isn’t it amazing how Nigeria managed to climb and produced these kinds of shopping malls despite their current economic status. Therefore, you can expect that in the years to come, there will be more shopping malls to be developed and even bigger ones. Nigeria is a nice and humble place to visit that you’ll surely learn to love.

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