Summer Jobs for High School Students

Summer Jobs for High School Students

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Working during the summer is a great chance for high school students to earn their own money and get some practical experience for a future career and help pay for the tuition in college. You may be confused as to what job to choose. The best way for you to do is to find out your interests, whether you like the outdoors, working with other people or like animals. Once you figure that out, you will be able to find the best summer job. Since most of these are part-time jobs, you can have two or three jobs at the same time, if you want to.

Here are top 10 summer jobs for high school students to experience and explore.


If you like to be around children, babysitting may be the job for you. You can ask your mom’s friends or your guidance counselor if there are babysitting prospects around your area. Your school may have a list of parents who are looking for students to watch their children during the summer. It will not be difficult for you if you have experienced watching your younger brother or sister in the past, which makes it an added bonus for you to get hired and trusted. Babysitters are usually paid $15 an hour; not bad for a part-time summer job.

Camp Counselor

If you love the great outdoors, going hiking and camping, being a camp counselor is the job for you. It will hone or build your leadership skills and it would be fun to work with younger children. Summer is the great time to have summer camps, of course, and there are plenty of summer camps all over the country designated for almost any activity that you can think of. This gives you plenty of choices to match your interests. If you want to get hired right away, you may want to get a CPR certification. Salaries may vary; especially you work only for the summer. However, the experience you will have is something that may be useful in the future and will give you more leadership opportunities in your college or the next summer camp.


Although summer is spent for vacation, many students take this break to enhance or continue their education. If you excel in school or in a particular subject, you can inform or advertise to friends and your mom’s friends to offer your services as tutor. Usually, tutors are paid about $15 an hour and those who are in the advanced levels are paid about $50 an hour. That is a great way to start making money and a great experience to add to your college applications. The time is also flexible, depending on your availability, so you can still hang out with friends or find other jobs during your free time.


If you know how to swim, had first aid training, CPR certification, and basic water rescue training, then you are qualified to apply as a lifeguard. Being a lifeguard is not an easy job, but it is fun and you get to work outside with friends in a fun environment. Although you need certifications, it can be one of the highest paying summer jobs for high school students and a great experience for you to write for college essays.

Carrier-Oriented Internship

High school is the time when you need to figure out what career you want to pursue in college. Summer jobs may be the best opportunity for you to test a job and determine whether you like that field of work or not. It will also provide you an opportunity for a part-time job while you attend school and more work the next summer. You can try as an office assistant, so you will have an idea how it is to work in an office. Ask your guidance counselor for assistance or find businesses within your area who are hiring interns.

Movie Theater Attendant

Summer is the time for blockbuster movies, and theaters may be looking for extra help. If you are a movie theater attendant, you can do all sorts of jobs, such as taking tickets, ushering patrons, serving popcorn, and even watch movies for free. You can write a blog about the movies you’ve watched and share it on Facebook for your friends and family to read.

Pool Cleaner

Spending your summer outdoors at the poolside and getting paid is one great way to enjoy summer. It may be hard work but almost everyone needs their pools cleaned and they want somebody to do it. It is not hard to find plenty of customers or an employer to hire you. Make a list of neighbors and friends or condo buildings that have swimming pools and check for pool-cleaning companies within your area so you will be busy during the summer and will earn plenty of money until school starts.

Restaurant Work

If you are dreaming of becoming a chef, a job in a restaurant will do wonders for you. It is a fast-paced environment and a good opportunity to earn a few thousand dollars during the summer. You can be a server, runner, busser, cleaner or if you are lucky, you can assist and observe the chef in the kitchen. Most famous chefs started as working in restaurants. As a bonus, you also get good tips from customers.

Odd Jobs

Dog walking, newspaper delivery, lawn mowing, construction work, painting, and other odd jobs are great opportunities for entrepreneurial experiences. Kids will have the chance to learn plenty of tasks and earn money. Varied tasks will be a great experience to use in college applications, interviews and essays.


You may not be paid for volunteering at the nursing home, but the reward you get cannot be equaled with money. You feel warm and happy just by taking care of the elderly, feeding them and joining the activities. It is a great addition to your college applications and resume. It just feels great to be able to help out.

Working during summer is a great experience for high school students. Find a job that matches your interests and goals in life. While summer is the time to be with friends and family, it is also the time to earn extra money and discover your interests for your future career.

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