Summer-Proof Your Hair

Summer-Proof Your Hair

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Summer Proof Your Hair 300x200 Summer Proof Your Hair

It’s the same problem every year. The heat of the sun always causes severe damage to one’s hair, which can lead to dry and unhealthy looking locks. Unfortunately, some people are only conscious about protecting their skin from the sun. But since your hair is your crowning glory, it is important to care for it too.

Always Use Sunscreen

Sunscreen products are commonly applied on the skin to prevent damage from the sun’s UV rays. Fortunately, there are sunscreen products for the hair and scalp too. You can get these in the form of sprays or powders; and you can apply them every time you are scheduled to spend some time outdoors.

Use Gentle Shampoo

The heat of the summer can cause your scalp to sweat a lot; and you might find yourself shampooing frequently to keep your hair free from oil and dirt. However, excessive washing can lead to dryness as some of these products are loaded with harsh chemicals. In order to avoid this problem, you can look for shampoos and conditioners that are gentle on hair. Avoid those that contain sulfate as well as those that are heavily perfumed. Products that contain harsh ingredients can strip your hair of natural oil and moisture; and make the hair strands brittle and dry too. That’s why such problems are common during the summer. But if you are using the right product, then you can avoid having split ends and dull looking hair.

Use Leave-On Conditioner

Aside from using a conditioner after shampooing, a leave-on conditioner is also necessary during the hot months of the year. This type of product helps in keeping your hair’s moisture balanced so that the heat of the sun can’t damage its overall health. You will also notice that frequent application of this type of conditioner will result in shinier hair.

Use Hair Repair Products

Hair repair products can be used as prevention and treatment for damaged hair. There are repairing hair masks and other deep conditioning products available on the market; and you can apply these at least once a week. Some good products that are popular today include Coconut oil and Argan oil. These types of oil can be used during hot oil treatments at home.

Use Protective Gear When Going Out

Scarves and hats are in! So make sure that you utilize these stylish accessories when going out during the summer. They can minimize your hair’s exposure to the sun so as to limit its damaging effects. Yes, even if you are already wearing other sun protective products like sunscreen and conditioners, an additional level of protection will do your hair good.

Summer-proof your hair during the hot summer months, and your hair will thank you for it. Wouldn’t you like to have healthy and beautiful hair all year round?

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