Team Building: Is it Necessary?

Team Building: Is it Necessary?

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TeamBuilding 300x224 Team Building: Is it Necessary?

Employees spend more time at the workplace than they
do at any other single place. With the standard work day being between eight and nine hours long, it means workers spend up to forty five hours a week in a constant close contact with each other. More so, they have to work together to achieve efficient synergy to produce targeted end results. This means that they have to be on the same wave length, have an understanding of each others’ strengths and weaknesses, and have positive attitudes towards one another so they can work better together. This is where team building exercises comes in.

What is Team Building?

Team building can be defined as an exercise carried out by a team of people who work together in the same environment with the objective of creating better cohesiveness, understanding, unity and team spirit so that the end objectives are more readily attained by the team.

Team Building is Necessary to Encourage Team Spirit

A team is made up of individuals. For a team to be successful, each of the individual members has to understand that they are a part of something bigger than themselves, and that they have an important part to contribute to the team. They need to better understand that each employee has their contributions that are valuable to the team and to the business. Without their contributions, the end result of a project may not be the same. Team building exercise can help instill this faithfulness to the team, and will motivate employees to work harder so that the team as a whole can perform better. It will also help them understand how their contribution is of real value to the team.

Team Building is Necessary to Teach Cooperation Skills

Teams perform better when team members work together. A team cannot be effective if the members are pulling in different directions or if some members are not pulling at all. Team building exercises will help teach members how to cooperate with each other so they can work better together. Team building imparts practical skills such as delegation, sharing workload, brainstorming, and resource pooling that can enhance the performance of employees when they cooperate.

Team Building is Necessary to Foster Cohesion in a Team

As defined earlier, a team is made up of individual members, all of whom have their various character traits and temperaments. Just because these individuals are meant to work together to achieve the same end result does not mean that they will automatically mesh together in a perfect fit. It is normal for people working in a close environment the whole day every day to rub each other the wrong way, either intentional or unintentional.

Team building exercises will help foster cohesion and togetherness in a team so that ‘work’ becomes more than just a routine to be carried out between nine to five o’clock, and ‘colleagues’ progress from being the people that have to be tolerated within these hours. Team building encourages cohesion because they will teach members how to negotiate, deflect unnecessary anger and frustration, how to reconcile after a misunderstanding, having tolerance for other people’s difference, and how to resolve conflicts. All these skills will help the team work together as a stronger, closer knit unit.

Team Building Can Help Alleviate Work Tensions and Stress

Team building exercises are meant to be fun and engaging, carried out in a relaxed environment that is totally separate from the work environment. This might help employees get rid of work tensions between each other, and the general stress from the workplace. This makes for better performance. So, yes, team building is a very necessary and vital tool for the performance and success of a team in the workplace.

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