Technology and Education

Technology and Education

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In this modern era of science, we cannot think even a single day without technology. Today, we are in this position of development only for technology. Without it, we would stay thousands of years back from the modern civilisation.
The main fuel of the modern civilisation is education. And with the help of education we’re going ahead day by day. Combination of technology in education is making it more and more attractive and effective.
Recently, Dell surveyed 1,557 high schools and colleges throughout the U.S.A., China and Germany. The teachers, students and the parents were asked about the use of technology in education. 9 in 10 replied technology helps to increase students’ learning ability. And 82 percent of people from the whole world think technology needs to be utilized more.
The survey says that 53 percent of Chinese students are using modern technology in their classes, while the percentage is only 29 in the U.S.A and 27 in Germany. Hence, we can say China is clearly ahead using technology in education more than the U.S.A. and Germany.
We cannot but call computer a part of parcel of the modern technology. And nowadays, in technology based education system, computer is a must. There are lots of advantages of using a computer as a learning tool in modern education system. With the help of the internet, a student can learn anything even sitting his home. This is time effective and useful too. A student need not visit his school every day in this system. He can get all the information and syllabus through the internet. Especial softwares and components can help a student to make his projects easier. Distance education is following this system.
In technology based education system, a digital community can be built, which is helpful for all the students, teachers and even for the parents. By dint of this digital community, all of them can act like a single family. They can share their ideas, information and plans to make education more effective and fruitful.
We all know, the internet is the strongest source of all information and all education. And so, a learner can easily find out his wanted thing from it within a second. Even, if he needs something to know at midnight, he need not wait for the school time of tomorrow, he can find that out within a moment using modern technology. Technology is making the education system easier day by day. It has been helping to make our life comfortable and cheerful. Even, the developing countries are increasing use of technology in their education system.
The United Nations is playing a vital role in spreading technology in education. They have been giving free laptops worldwide for the past few years. You’ll be astonished to know that some poorest countries of Africa are using technology in education and noticeable changes have occurred in their lifestyle.
That day is not so far, when most of the educational institutions will use technology in their education system. And the whole world will come closer to each other which will help to build a world full of friendship and peace.

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