Time Warner – Well Liked Destination by All

Time Warner – Well Liked Destination by All

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Time Warner Well Liked Destination by All Time Warner   Well Liked Destination by All

Time Warner is one of the beautiful malls of New York, located in the Columbus Circle at the southwest corner of Central Park. The mall was developed by AREA Property Partners formally known as Apollo Real Estate Advisor. The mall is spread over 260,000 square meters. The building is consists of twin towers. The construction of the mall started on November 2000. The opening ceremony was held on 27, February 2003. In 2006, the mall reached the biggest market value of about $1.1 billion in New York.

Planning and Construction

The construction of the mall had to face many difficulties and the Time Warner Center was the first grand building that was completed after the 9/11 attack. So the time period of the construction was not good in such circumstances. Anyhow, the building was completed successfully after a lot of hindrances. It has several street addresses. You can visit the mall from Central Park West or Tower and from many other ways too. In fact the mall is easily accessible and located in commercial zone of heart of the city.


There are many specialties and features of the mall. The mall was divided into many offices, residential places, shops, stores, restaurants, hotels, entertainment zones and many more. The Shops at Columbus Circle is an example of up-to-date variety of shops from where you can buy many things according to the latest fashion and style. The mall is the hub for local and international branded stores. It provides the opportunity of shopping to all classes of people. A wide range of products at good price is available therein.

Tourist Friendly

It is easy for the tourists to visit the mall and get familiar with the special offers and services awarded just to the visitors and tourists. Sometimes, hotels also provide the discount in bills and coupons. In the basement you will find an array of food market where a complete menu of national and international cuisines is available. At fourth floor, the world’s most expensive dining hall is accessible with the facility of well organized sitting arrangement. Per se and Mesa is an example of such high class and expensive restaurants.

Theatre Complex and Entertainment

A 1,200 seat theatre complex is also a part of the mall for CNN studios and Jazz at Lincoln Center from where many shows are broadcasted. A special activity place opens on one side of the complex for children. This zone includes many games, rides, bowling area, and other ventures. Qualified care takers are available there every time to handle the situation in case of emergency.

Enjoy the Time Warner Mall Too

Since almost all visitors of the Time Warner mall are smitten by its fun filled environment it is not impossible that you too will enjoy and like it. If you’re planning your vacation and would like to visit this shopping mall, then make sure to check all its wonderful features such as the shopping boutiques, theatre and its fun zone. I’m sure after which, you’ll be one of those who were smitten by this amazing shopping mall.

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