Tips to Find Cheap Concert Tickets

Tips to Find Cheap Concert Tickets

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Watching a live concert of your favorite band or singer is one of the most memorable experiences you will have in your life. Like any other concerts, buying cheap tickets is the main problem since most concert tickets are very expensive. If you want to get the nearest seats to the stage, you have to be resourceful and book ahead.

There are many ways on how to find and buy cheap concert tickets, but if you really want to do it effectively, you should follow the top 10 tips to find cheap concert tickets that many experienced people have tried doing for many years.

Join Special Clubs

As a fan, being a member of a community is a great way to share your thoughts about the band you idolize. Aside from that, you also get the chance to be part of a special offer when there is an upcoming concert. Members of fans clubs or certain privilege clubs usually learn the news first, and they also get firsthand information about concert ticket sales.

Book Online

If you want to get ahead of the competition, book your concert tickets online. There are many websites that can give an advance booking for concert tickets. What’s good about booking it ahead is that there is a potential you can choose the seats that you like without ever worrying if someone already booked it ahead.

Check Online Pre-sales

Sometimes, when you go online and try to book the concert tickets that you want to watch, there are certain websites that will offer pre-sale tickets at a lower price than other website with a time limit. If you religiously check the internet and get to stumble upon these websites, then you should immediately purchase it and enjoy the discounts.

Shopping Mall Promos

Many people would miss out on the online pre-sale and would wait for the concert tickets to be announced as to what local stores would sell the concert tickets at a very low price in a very limited time. There are many supermarkets or shopping malls that will sell concert tickets at a lower price as part of their promotional package to certain products. People who are interested in buying concert tickets to watch their favorite musicians perform live should be alert at all times and check every now and then for these promos to come.

Radio Station Promotions

Radio stations are fond of giving concert tickets for free. They will give certain set of questions to be answered by the public and whoever will get the right answers will be winning the concert tickets. This practice has been done for many years by different radio stations in order to advertise and promote their franchise and get more public listeners.

TV Promotions

Many TV promoters are also using the same tactics as what radio promoters would do in order to get more public viewers. TV talks shows, game shows or even certain channels will give trivia questions usually related to the band. When you get the right answer, you will win the concert tickets for free. These kinds of promotions have been around for many years and many people have won this kind of promotions. Since the competition is very stiff, it is best that if you are aiming to get that concert ticket, you should be updated with the latest TV shows and their promotions from time to time.

Last Minute Concert Tickets Sale

This scenario depends on what type of concert and who is in the concert. Many people will take advantage of buying last minute concert tickets since promoters will sell it at a very low price just to dispose them. Promoters will salvage whatever they can in order to cut loses (if there are) and make sure to gather as many people as possible to gather more sales and make the concert successful.

Social Media Sites

There are people who bought concert tickets to watch their favorite artist or band play but unfortunately, they could not push through watching because of uncontrollable circumstances. These people will automatically sell their concert tickets at a low price in their social media sites like Facebook or Twitter and hope that there will be buyers. If it happens that the concert tickets they are selling is what you are looking for, then it is your lucky day. Opportunities like these are not rare but expect to have many competitions. That is why it is best that you contact the person as soon as possible and buy those concert tickets before somebody else will.

Music Store Promos

There are many music stores that offer concert ticket promos to their clients just to create traffic to their store. These tickets are limited tickets and come in a fist come first serve basis. Some of these stores will ask you to buy certain records as a package deal for the tickets. This kind of promotional tactic usually works for their business. If you are aiming to get a great deal on the concert tickets that you would love to have, it is best that you go to the nearest music store and inquire if they have this promo.

Scalping Tickets

Just before you enter the main entrance where people are lining up to go inside, you will see many people selling tickets at a very low price in order to dispose the last remaining stocks. Some of these tickets are legit and some of them are not. It is risky so be careful. In order for you to tell the difference, it is best that you take a good look at the ticket and check if it matches other people’s tickets. Some con artist try their best to replicate those tickets and give fake ones.

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