Tips to Get Rid of Dry Scalp

Tips to Get Rid of Dry Scalp

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Do you have a dry scalp? Are you tired of being conscious all day of your falling dandruff because of your dry scalp? There’s always a good remedy for dry scalp and all you have to do is make sure you use it continuously until you feel like your scalp is healed and isn’t as dry as it was in the past. Dry scalp can really be irritating; sometimes it causes itchiness which makes it unstoppable and embarrassing especially if you are in public places. How you wish to scratch your head but you can’t. Don’t worry; let’s check on how to get rid of your dry scaly scalp on our top 10 tips to get rid of dry scalp which is an integration of both natural remedies and medical treatments.

Choose a Good pH Balanced Shampoo + Olive Oil

Okay, this may sound weird but there are really people who use soap as their shampoo! Don’t you know that soap washes away good minerals in your hair and scalp thus resulting to dry scalp. Throw that soap out and look for a pH balanced shampoo. I suggest trying some sample pack first before opting to purchase the entire bottle (that is if there’s an available pack). After purchasing, try it at home but before doing so, you can lather your hair and scalp first with an olive oil if you happen to have that at home and leave it for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes you can try and use the shampoo, see if it will work after a couple of days.

The Coconut Oil, Tea Tree Shampoo and Apple Cider Vinegar Combo!

The vinegar will act as a disinfectant that will kill the harmful bacteria in your scalp like fungus while the tea tree shampoo acts as an additional army to finish off the remaining fungus that causes dryness and itchiness in your scalp then last use coconut oil to regenerate your badly damaged scalp and nourishes it again. Amazing isn’t it? Try it and wait for at least a week and see if it works.

The Hot Oil Treatment Regimen

Because dry scalp signifies dryness, then one better way to treat it is to nourish it with enough oil. Look for a good conditioning treatment that could bring back enough oil to your hair and nourish it. You can try your trusted salon or boutique and ask for a good oil treatment product you can opt for. Of course, you need to try doing a hot oil, apply it and cover with a towel and make it medium hot not super hot. Just enough to open your pores to nourish it.

A Good Diet Plan

If products won’t work then maybe there’s something wrong with the foods you eat? Try to change your diet and increase your intake of fatty acids or maybe a supplements like an Evening Primrose that could make your diet more effective. Fish is also good for it has rich oil content. Vitamins like B6 and B12 are also good for dry scalp and of course, your diet must be more on whole grains and the good old fruits and veggies.

Try Scalp Massage

You can also opt massaging your scalp thoroughly when taking your bath. Dry scalp could be a sign of poor blow circulation in your scalp so you can improve blood circulation by massaging your scalp thoroughly. Do this when you do your shampoo time and conditioning time, massage it for a few minutes before rinsing off.

Vinegar and Cotton is a Good Tandem

Vinegar is not just for cooking, it is also a good tool to kill bacteria growing in your scalp that causes dryness and even good in getting rid of your dandruff. Try pouring a little amount of vinegar in your cotton balls and apply it on all areas and make sure to apply it thoroughly. After leaving the vinegar for a couple of minutes to do its job, make sure to rinse it off and do this regimen as needed.

Avoid Too Much Heat

To avoid formation of dry scaly dandruffs on your scalp you must avoid long hot showers that could ruin the natural oils in your scalp. Heat is a big factor that causes dry scalp so use moderate amount of heat when taking a shower and for women make sure to avoid too much use of hair dryers and curling irons. You must take a warm shower only to ensure your scalp is well protected.

Medical treatment Chloroxine

In case you’ve tried all natural remedies and still nothing, then the best thing is to opt for medical treatments such as Chloroxine. This ointment is typically used for dry scalp and is applied twice a week to wet scalp as long as you have the go signal of your physician. Bear in mind that some ointments are neurotoxin in nature that can’t be used for longer periods of time.

Salicylic Shampoo

If a pH balanced shampoo won’t work then maybe you can try a salicylic shampoo. The name may sound scary but its effect is brilliant! It softens your scalp and gets rid of harmful bacteria that cause dryness of scalp, itchiness and scaling. It also gets rid of those dead cells present in your scalp. You can use this shampoo and leave for at least 5 minutes then rinse. However you must use this every other day or every other 2 days.

Consult your Doctor

If all treatments are no use, the best and ultimate way to do before proceeding to some extreme measures is to consult your doctor. These medical professionals are well experienced about these cases and could certainly help you with some good and effective ways to battle dry scalp, however some may be expensive still the results might also be very worth it.

Treat your Dry Scalp Now Before it Gets Worst!

If you feel like you are having a dry scalp moments, make sure to do some natural treatments like olive oil to prevent it from further drying. As they say, prevention is better than cure. Early detection is better for it gives you a chance to treat your condition on your own before it even worsens. You can even consult a dermatologists as early as possible as long as you have the needed money.

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