Tips for a More Whiter Teeth

Tips for a More Whiter Teeth

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Tips for a More Whiter Teeth 300x173 Tips for a More Whiter Teeth

Regardless of which fashion is ruling the runway in a season, having glistening teeth is an accessory that always remains in vogue. Your teeth become to lose their grace as soon as you grow up and start adopting unhealthy eating habits. There are various foods and drinks that cause staining to your teeth, such as coffee, tea, tobacco, soda water, and coke. In order to maintain a winning sparkle on teeth like celebrities you need to invest an extra effort and time.

Dreaming to create illusion of white teeth without using bleaching agents? Everyday secrets can help make your smile healthy and beautiful..

1.Choose a Suitable Lipstick Shade

Believe it or not, your lip tint selection plays an important role in determining your teeth color. If you don’t have naturally white teeth, you can make them look whiter by choosing the right shade of lipstick. Women with grayish teeth should avoid red or bluish lipstick colors. They should rather try a brownish lipstick shade. The best tones to make teeth appear whiter are nude pink and brown. You should avoid dark and bluish lipstick shades to avoid making your teeth pale and gray.

2.Chew Anti-Staining Foods

While there are foods that stain your teeth, such as soy, curry, and blueberries, there are some foods that can remove stains. Fibrous foods, such as carrots, spinach, apples, and celery can eliminate stains from your teeth by exfoliation. It’s just like you exfoliate your skin for removing dark spots, you need to exfoliate your teeth for diminishing dark stains.

3. Don’t Drink without a Straw

One of the most common mistakes that lead to teeth staining is drinking without straw. When you drink with straw, there is less probability of teeth staining because your teeth are less likely to come in contact with the drink. It’s also good to brush right after drinking a teeth staining beverage. It will help lessen the effect of the drink on your teeth.

4. Use Teeth Whitening Floss

Flossing is a great way to keeping oral cavity healthy and sound. While a whitening floss helps make the spaces between your teeth appear whiter, it also helps improve health of the oral cavity by eliminating impurities from oral cavity. Flossing is very helpful, when it comes to improving health of gums. If proper attention is not granted, gums are likely to be ruined. The natural color of gums is pinkish, which can turn into reddish due to a lack of care.

5. Use Electric Toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes are very famous these days due to their effectiveness in removing teeth stains. So instead of using a conventional toothbrush, use an electric one, because it works far better than a regular toothbrush. However, make sure to use it with a very light hand to avoid exerting extra pressure to teeth that can cause damage to your enamel.

Use these simple tips and have whiter teeth naturally. Don’t forget to brush at least twice a day. And instead of drinking unhealthy and teeth staining drinks, try fruit juices and lots of water. Enjoy having a beautiful smile that brightens your face!

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