Top 10 Classic Camping Meals

Top 10 Classic Camping Meals

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Some people hate going outdoors and camping because of bugs, beds and food. Bugs cannot be avoided and comfy beds are not available, unless you want to bring your 10 kilogram airbed at the campsite. But food – delicious food is the best part in any camping trip.Cooking gourmet style will turn routine and ordinary activities into something fun and exciting. After many hours of hiking, you want to end the day with a hot and freshly prepared meal just like what you have at home, or even better.

Preparing a meal with no more than a fire and a skillet is such a rewarding experience, and the sense of adventure to rely on your cooking skills to feed yourself and a crowd. Because of little resources, camping meals need to be simple and easy to prepare, pack, cleanup and eat. However, it must be filling so you will have the energy required for the activities while in the great outdoors.

For your next outdoor adventure, here are top 10 classic camping meals that are easy and fun to prepare.


Chili is one of the most ideal camping meals that include carbohydrates and protein in one bowl which you greatly need to replenish burnt calories during the hike. If you brought a cooler with you, make sure to have this meal at your first night at the campsite because proteins get spoiled easily if not stored at refrigerator levels. You don’t want to end up getting sick and ruin your entire camping trip. Brown your meat with a little fat, add in two cans of stewed tomatoes, two cans of two varieties of beans, chopped onion, some jalapenos, chili powder and chili spice mix. Pour in about two cans of clean water and simmer until ready.


Hotcakes, pancakes, or flapjacks are simple, old-fashioned, very filling and versatile. You only need 1 cup of flour, 1 cup of milk, 1 piece of egg and add in whatever you like to flavor it. Maybe lemon juice, lemon zest, chocolate chips, berries and anything you like. Mix it all together until smooth. Coat the bottom of a skillet with fat and pour in the batter by 3 tablespoonsful. It is time to flip when the top is bubbly. You can also use water instead of milk. Serve with ham, bacon, hotdogs or maple syrup and fresh fruits.


There are premade cornbread mixes available, but you can make from scratch. Just mix cornmeal, fat, water and salt until fully combined. Pour batter into hot greased skillet. Flip when the bottom is browned and serve warm.

Franks and Beans

Chili beans may be your side dish to a hearty meal, but add in a few extra ingredients and it becomes a main dish. Slice hot dogs into bite size pieces, fry in a skillet with onions until brown. Add in two cans of baked beans and stir continuously to prevent sticking. Serve hot with ketchup or cornbread.

Baked potatoes

How about cooking anything outdoors using tin foil? If you love baked potatoes back home, you can still have it in your trip. Poke some holes all over the potatoes skin using fork. Wrap them in tin foil and pack tightly. Place the potato on a rock next to a low fire or on a hot bed of coals. After thirty minutes, you have steamed fluffy potatoes ready.

Broiled fish

Camping near a river may give you the chance to catch fish for dinner. Trout is the most common fish for camping, and broiling is the best way to have trout. You can use a broiler or use the old-fashioned way of broiling fish by threading the fish with a stick and resting it in two branches to hold the fish in place and turning it at frequent intervals until both sides are cooked.


Hotdogs are the most convenient and economical camping foods to bring along. Roasting hotdogs over a campfire is a quick dinner staple after a long and tiring day out in the sun. Hotdogs keep well with minimum refrigeration and you can do many things with it. You can sandwich it in a hotdog bun and stuff it with salsa, chili or ketchup and mustard. You can also fill your sandwich with cheese, chopped vegetables or wrap it in bacon for a juicier and more delicious hotdog treat.

Creamy Macaroni Salad

It is still great to have pasta even while outdoors. You can cook the pasta and chicken ahead of time and keep it cool in the cooler. You will need cooked macaroni pasta, cooked chicken strips, onion, bell pepper, mayonnaise or salad dressing, pimiento-stuffed olive, mustard, pickle relish, celery, apple cider vinegar, cheese, bacon bits, salt and pepper. It is fast to make because you do not need to cook anything at the campsite. Just mix everything, adjust the seasonings to taste and you have your macaroni salad in an instant.


Burgers are simple lunch staples that will surely fill you up. Place a frying pan on a bed of hot coals. Mix ground beef with barbecue sauce, salt and pepper. Form into patties and place on pan, flipping every 4-5 minutes until juices run clear. Place on a burger bun topped with lettuce, onions, tomato, cucumber, and barbecue sauce.


Technically, s’mores is not a meal, but no camping is complete without this delicious and fun dessert. All you need are large marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate and barbecue sticks. Simply poke two marshmallows on a stick, toast until brown, and sandwich between two graham crackers and a square of chocolate. It is a great and sweet way to end a delicious camping meal.

While you are outdoors, great meals are still possible. Camp cooking is fun and we tend to look for more creative and innovative recipes to make the outdoor adventure more memorable and exciting. Anything can be made while you are in your outdoor kitchen. Your only limit is your imagination and innovation.

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