Top 10 Countries in Olympics History

Top 10 Countries in Olympics History

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Countries in Olympics History

Ever since the Olympics has come to the modern age, every game record and awards of a player and the country they represent have been carefully recorded.

Here is a short list of the top 10 countries in Olympics history based on the amount of medals that they have won.


Based on MSN Sports records, there is no doubt that the US is on top of the list for many years, as they have dominated the Olympic Games with a record of 2,285 medals composed of:

Gold = 926 Silver =724 Bronze = 635


Coming in the second is Russia with a total of 1,009 medals composed of:

Gold = 394 Silver =319 Bronze =296

Great Britain

Not so long ago, this country dominated the Olympics. However, when countries like USA, Russia, France and Germany became more active in sports, their dominance was slowly overshadowed. They garnered a total of 709 medals composed of:

Gold = 205 Silver= 255 Bronze= 249


In the past, France was a powerhouse when it came to the Olympics. They gathered a total of 639 medals composed of:

Gold= 191 Silver= 211 Bronze= 237


This country, despite being banned in the 1920, 1924 and 1940 Olympics has garnered a total of 645 medals composed of:

Gold = 190 Silver= 218 Bronze= 237


Though they are no longer considered to be one of the powerhouse countries in the Olympics today, Italy dominated the Olympics in the past and gathered a total of 523 medals composed of:

Gold= 190 Silver= 158 Bronze= 175


China was not a threat in the Olympics. However, in 2008, they suddenly dominated the prestigious event and won 100 medals (51 Gold, 21 Silver, and 28 Bronze).  They gathered a total of 385 medals ever since they participated in the Olympics, composed of:

Gold= 163 Silver= 117 Bronze= 105


Hungary is one of the most consistent countries that have been winning a Gold medal in the Olympics in the Fencing games. They roll up a total of 457 medals composed of:

Gold= 159 Silver= 140 Bronze=158

East Germany

Despite the boycott that they did in the 1984 Olympics, they garnered a total of 409 medals composed of:

Gold= 153 Silver= 129 Bronze= 127


Sweden was a dominant country when it came to the Olympics back in the early 1900’s. Though they did not win as many medals as they used to, they gathered a total of 468 medals with:

Gold= 139 Silver= 158, Bronze= 171

Today’s top 10 might be different from tomorrow’s. This is why watching the Olympics is very exciting. But for now, the countries mentioned will always be on the watch list for a great performance every time an Olympics event is opened.

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