Top 10 Things to Eat After Workout

Top 10 Things to Eat After Workout

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Things to Eat After Workout

To be healthy and fit is something that we should all work and strive for.  We should not be careless about this because it will create a great impact in our lives if we do. So in order to do this, we do not only exercise but also be conscious on what we eat every single day. Contrary to what most people believe, what you eat before and after workout are of equal importance. Here are the top 10 things to eat (or drink) after you workout.


A person should drink a lot of fluids after an intense workout. You should be able to replace all the water that you lost in your body through sweating so much. Before exercising, you should weigh yourself first to know your sweat rate. You have to drink 1.5litres of water for every 1 kilogram that you lost. It is also important to know when you should consume water and that is 30 minutes after your workout session. This is the time that your body needs water the most and to prevent dehydration due to so much sweating.

Chicken and Mixed Vegetables

This is a great combination for a post workout meal. Since your body is in recovery mode from all the nutrients that it lost, you need a dish that will give them back to you. You need all the protein and carbohydrates from chicken and the vegetables will add up to the healthy meal that it already is. They provide fiber and carbohydrates as well.

Egg Omelet with Avocado

There are some people who do their workouts early in the morning every single day. So for a perfect after workout breakfast, you should have egg omelet with avocado on the side. And if you eat eggs, never throw out the egg yolks. In case you didn’t know, egg yolks are the greatest source of phosphatidylcholine, which has rich dietary nutrients. They are also sources of choline which is responsible to keep your cell membranes healthy and for your brain to function well.

Protein Shake

You just have to throw bananas and strawberries into the blender and viola, you now have a protein shake. It doesn’t have to be those expensive protein-rich fruits that some people buy. They have the same nutrients and will have the same effect in each of us. If you are on a very tight budget, you can buy protein powder as alternative for the aforementioned fruits. But if you both the powder and the fruits, you can just mix them all together. This is why protein shake is practical and very healthy at the same time.

Salmon, Spinach and Sweet Potato

This is one of the most ideal balanced meals there is. You can have a combination of these three very healthy foods. They each bring nutrients that your body needs in order to be physically fit. The salmon is for protein, spinach for vitamins and minerals that include those that are responsible for our good eyesight and lastly, and the sweet potato provides carbohydrates that burn slowly. You can also add olive oil. However, you have to watch your intake because this meal is rich in calories. It’s all about discipline.

Tuna, Brown Rice and Vegetables

If you see those commercials on TV wherein bodybuilders always endorse these canned tunas? They are really actually good for post workout eating. A can of lite tuna is filled with 42 or more grams of protein. It can also be a superb source of minerals that can be very important to protect oneself from cancer. The brown rice provides fiber and carbs. Add it with vegetables then you have perfect dietary meal.

Greek Yogurt

This Greek yogurt is not like any other yogurt because it has twice the amount of protein than the normal one. This is very important because you need all the protein you can get after workout. You can also pair it with fruits so that you will get the whole package that you need. If you’re are thinking about monetary concerns, then you always opt for those that are cheaper, but you always have to keep in mind that it has to be very reliable and healthy too. You do not want to have negative side effects.

Sandwich Wraps

These wraps are very much loaded with carbohydrates that we all need. Not only are they very healthy, but they are also very easy to prepare and very portable too. You can have just thrown bacon or ham inside then you are good to go. They are very portable in the sense that you can eat them whenever and wherever you want. These wraps are made of grain; that’s why it is a must-have for that after workout meal.

Fruit Salad

This is probably the most common thing to eat after an intense workout. Fruits are not only filled with carbohydrates, but they also contain enzymes. These enzymes are very essential to our body because they help break down the nutrients, which in return will be delivered to each and every part of our body, especially our muscles. Another thing is that, fruits offer a wide array of anti-oxidants that help in keeping us look young and make our skin fresh and clean.

Wholegrain Breakfast Cereal

Grain contains a lot of nutrients and mineral that is needed by those who exercise. What’s great about this food is that, cereals can be eaten at any time of the day. It can be as breakfast in the morning, lunch at noon or even for dinner in the evening. You have to choose the kind of cereal that is high in protein and fiber. This meal is perfect for reloading nutrients and muscle energy stores.

There you have it! These are just some of the things that you should eat after a body workout. But these will not have an effect ion you if you don’t have discipline within yourself. You have to follow these meal plans and maintain it if you want to have successful results.

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