Top 10 Hottest Hollywood Moms

Top 10 Hottest Hollywood Moms

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Hollywood actresses may look stunning and beautiful when they were still single, but what about when they became moms? With the many Hollywood moms, there are a few who remained attractive and gorgeous even when they already had kids. Take a look at these top 10 hottest Hollywood moms and how they made it to the list.

Brooke Burke

Brooke Lisa Burke Charvet is already in her 40s but still managed to look sexy and even won in the seventh season of Dancing with the Stars and eventually co-hosted the show starting its tenth season in 2010. She is a model, dancer, actress and a TV personality, and has been married twice. Her first marriage was with plastic surgeon Garth Fisher and they had two daughters, Sierra and Neriah. On her second marriage with actor David Charvet, they had a daughter and a son, Rain and Shaya respectively. With her four kids, she was able to go back to her pre-pregnancy look with workouts and dieting. With her joining in the Dancing with the Stars, it has definitely helped her lose a significant amount of weight and continued to become one of the hottest Hollywood moms.

Demi Moore

Demi Moore is an actress, film director, producer, model and former songwriter. She is a mother of three daughters, namely Rumer, Scout and Tallulah. With more than 40 films, over 10 television films and several nominations and awards, fifty year-old Demi Moore managed to maintain her slim figure and stunning looks.

Heidi Klum

Supermodel, TV host, and a mother of four, Klum just has a rocking-gorgeous body and even did the catwalk for the Victoria’s Secret fashion show several months after giving birth to her fourth baby. Her workout? She does cardio running with her kids which makes it a quality time for her and the kids and burns off those pregnancy fats fast.

Megan Fox

Following the birth of her son with actor Brian Austin Greene in 2012, Megan Fox is one of the Hollywood personalities who went back to her previous body fast. In fact, most people would say that she even looked more perfect after giving birth. Her secret? Avoid dairy products because it is not so easy on the hormones. She did not go into vigorous workouts or gym sessions. After giving birth, it just seems impossible to workout but she managed to get back in shape with a little diet modification and focusing on taking care of her son.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Marie Alba is a very popular name in lists of sexiest women in the planet, such as #1 on the “99 Most Desirable Women” in 2006 by, FHM’s “Sexiest Woman in the World” in 2007, #45 “Sexiest Stars of All Time” by TV Guide, and appeared on Maxim’s “Hot 100”. She is a mother to Honor Marie and Haven Garner with her husband Cash Warren, whom she met while filming Fantastic Four in 2004. Despite giving birth to two kids already, Jessica maintained her sexy and gorgeous bod and still looks fabulous on the red carpet.

Sofia Vergara

A TV host, actress, model, and comedian, Sofia Margarita VergaraVergara still looks gorgeous in her 40’s. She is a mother to her 21-year old son, Manolo, and his friends would refer to her as his sister, which his son dislikes. Simply put, people see her as young-looking and sexy. She definitely deserves a spot in the top 10 hottest Hollywood moms list.

Angelina Jolie

This list will not be complete without Angelina Jolie. A mother to three adoptive kids and three biological kids plus Brad Pitt in her arm, Jolie definitely is more of a mother rather than being concerned of striking a pose on the red carpet. She is totally hands on with her kids and she has been very busy with their Jolie-Pitt Foundation.

Beyonce Knowles

Beyonce Giselle Knowles is still hot and pretty at 31. Her seventeen months old daughter, Blue Ivy, is definitely blessed with a mom who continues to run the world in acting, singing, dancing, producing, and songwriting and is also involved in politics being friends with the President and First Lady. She has been doing charity works and is one of the highest paid music personalities in the world.

Halle Berry

Former fashion model and first runner-up in the Miss USA beauty pageant in 1986, Halle Berry just never seemed to get old. Her looks are still gorgeous and flawless. Halle is a mother to her daughter, Nahla Ariela, with his former husband Canadian model Gabriel Aubry. At present, she is pregnant with French actor Olivier Martinez’s child. At the age of 46, Halle still looks stunning on the red carpet and remained to be a beauty in Hollywood.

Jennifer Lopez

Shortly right after giving birth to twins Emme and Max with his former husband Marc Anthony, Jennifer looks even more gorgeous and sexy. This is because of hard work, going to the gym, healthy diet and continued to do her thing once again, which is singing and dancing. A movie star, singer, fashion icon, and a business mogul, Jennifer deserves a spot in Hollywood hottest moms and even continues to be one.

With all the achievements they made with their career, their family life and with their children, these Hollywood moms truly deserve a spot in this list. There might be other secrets as to how to get back in shape the soonest right after giving birth, but the best secret is to modify your diet, do simple workouts and spend quality time with your kids. A perfect and flawless body will only be noticed if you are also successful in all aspects of your public and private life, making it effortless and people will just notice it. If you get to achieve all these, you might even be considered hottest mom by your kids and friends around you.

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