Top 10 Best Softwares

Top 10 Best Softwares

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When using your desktop, laptop, tablet or any kind of digital device you always need certain applications or software to use. You can acquire these different software items by purchasing them at your local electronic shops, online or practically anywhere that sells them. Each individual software have their specific use and they aren’t always capable of multitasking but that’s the beauty of them. Their functions usually include downloading, browsing, file managing, communicating, editing and many more. Choosing the ideal software is tricky especially if you don’t want to spend or waste a lot of money by purchasing the wrong one.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox’s purpose is for web browsing and surfing. It usually stands in the middle of the other browser software brands. It’s not as defective as the Internet Explorer and it also doesn’t have as many features as Google Chrome. It’s perfect for your basic yet proportional needs when going online. Mozilla Firefox tends to have lesser problems with regards to flash players and other built in specs.

U Torrent

If you’re into downloading a lot of items in torrent based files, then the U Torrent software is perfect for your needs. The U Torrent is easy to find and download online and even with the free ones your guaranteed that it’s safe to use and very effective as well. U Torrent allows you to download torrent based files no matter how many you choose. It also has a convenient activity table that lets you manage the torrents that are currently on download. You can pause, resume and stop any download at any given time. In case of power failures or loss of internet connectivity the U Torrent doesn’t stop or lose the files that are currently incomplete in terms of the download progress.

Photo Shop

Adobe’s Photo Shop software is indeed in the lead for all of your digital and imaging needs. Whenever photos or images are tweaked online, people would assume or use the phrase “they’ve been Photo Shopped” even though a different software may have been used. Photo Shop has a lot of features aside from the common ones such as resizing and coloring. It also features several functions like pixelating, digitized cropping and so much more.

7 Zip

File cropping is one of the essential functions for saving space. WinZip may have been the first but 7 Zip is definitely one of the best. 7 Zip allows you to store numerous files into one small package. It also manages and decreases file storages. It also does the reverse by unzipping any .zip file formats. It can be very convenient especially when you’re downloading such heavy files or uploading them in which case.


In a world of digital communication, Skype is one of the best means of communication and it’s free. You can download the software easily online and install it on your computer. You can choose to do simple text based chat or vocal and video chats. These features are free to use anytime and anywhere you want. If you have the extra cash on hand then you can apply for several pay to use features such as Skype to phone calls or vice versa. Skype is being used for both personal or social purposes.

VLC Media Player

The VLC Media Player is an all in one multimedia and multi format file player. The VLC removes the hassle of having to change several software players to play a specific file you need. It plays MP3 files where the WinAmp is needed. It plays wmv files where the Windows Media Player is limited in. The VLC is capable of playing a lot of files. These files can range from MP3, MP4, WMV, MKV, FLV, DIVX, ISO, DVD and so much more. Just take note that despite its capabilities the VLC is still limited. Then of course there’s the file to consider as well as it may be broken or corrupted.

Avast Anti Virus

Protecting your computer is another thing you need to consider with all the viruses lingering around online or even from any of your foreign connections. The Avast Anti Virus is free to download and can be easily installed. It has a lot of features that detects any unwanted or potentially dangerous viruses. It’s also not as annoying as other anti-virus guards that automatically lock down your computer even with mildest detection.


The Hypercam software lets you record anything or everything on your computer screen. Free and trial versions of it can be downloaded online but it is best that you get the real deal. It lets you record anything you want from your device with the specific range that you need. It grabs them with crystal clear quality and very audible audio to back it up.


CD or DVD burning can be easily done through various kinds of Nero software. Nero is capable of transferring image files, audio files, video files or any kind of files to a disc. This lets you save a lot of storage space and lets you easily access the files you need through these discs. The process of burning is also very easy to understand that you won’t have a hard time doing the said activities.

Youtube Downloader

The YTD or Youtube Downloader is one of the best multimedia and downloading software around. Its free version is more than enough for your downloading needs and it can download videos from Youtube easily as well as other supported sites on its list. You can also convert files from various formats to the files that you need ranging from FLV and even 3GP. The YTD is a very convenient software and its full version is just as good.

Choosing the right software can be tricky and confusing since you may have various needs. You can always check for the free trial versions to see if it’s the one you need or the one you want.

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