Top 10 Steven Spielberg Movies

Top 10 Steven Spielberg Movies

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Steven Spielberg is known to be one of the greatest movie directors of all time because of his brilliant movies that were a huge success over the years. Spielberg, early in his career, was a director notably known for science fiction movies, and over the years, he has jumped from one genre to another.

Over four decades, he has made more than 40 films that were nominated in the Oscars. Among all his movies, these top 10 movies are the greatest.

Jaws (1975)

Jaws is a science fiction thriller of a large white shark that terrorizes people. Because of causing many accidents, this shark was hunted by an oceanographer, Matt Hooper. The movie was a huge success and it was considered to be the most successful movie in 1975 and one of the greatest movies ever created in the 1970s era. Jaws was one of the reasons why Steven Spielberg’s reputation as a director was cemented as one of the great ones.

E.T. (1981)

This 1982 film made a star out of Drew Barrymore at a very young age. E.T is one of the best movies of all time because of its unique story and because of this movie, Alien movies were born. E.T won so many awards, and it was considered the best movie in 1982, earning high box office ratings with a low budget.

Indiana Jones (1984)

The Indiana Jones franchise made Harrison Ford an “A list” Hollywood star. The Indiana Jones franchise is the most popular action movie of the 1980s. Steven Spielberg strengthened his reputation as a director when he was able to make this movies.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)

This film was the first movie about aliens that Steven Spielberg has directed and because of this movie, other extra terrestrial movies were created. Close encounters of the third kind was so huge during the late 1970s that many people gave several reports that they saw UFOs personally. With a low budget and overwhelming box office earnings of 337,700 US dollars, this movie is one of the top grossing films of all time.

Schindler’s List (1993)

This movie is one of the biggest films of Steven Spielberg in the 90’s, and in 1993, this movie won best picture and was known to be an inspirational story about the Jews and the oppression that they got from the Nazis.  The plot of the story was that a German business man named Oskar Schindler save thousands of Polish Jews’ lives from the holocaust by employing them to work in his factory. This movie made Steven Spielberg Best Director of the year.

Jurassic Park (1993)

Jurassic Park is another science fiction movie that Steven Spielberg has created. The story features a group of scientists discovered a mosquito that was trapped in lava that hardened and turned into a rock. They extracted a DNA sample wherein the mosquito had digested a blood of a dinosaur and soon they were able to create the rulers of the earth 60 Million years ago. Steven surpassed his box office earnings from E.T with an astonishing 900 million U.S dollars with this film.

Saving Private Ryan

This movie was considered to be the movie of the year in 1998 and gave Steven Spielberg the Best Director of the Year award. It is a story about a U.S. platoon sent to recover Private James Francis Ryan as a request by his mother since all of his siblings and other male blood lines have died in the battle field, leaving him the only one left to carry their family’s legacy and name.

Catch Me If You Can (2002)

This story is a true story based on the life of Frank Abagnale, who was a young con artist who travelled his way around, boarding planes and pretending to be a pilot, doctor and a lawyer and at the same time giving and spending counterfeit checks.  As he was apprehended by the Police and sentenced 12 years in prison, his talents of determining counterfeit checks and other fraud relating cases were noticed by the FBI. This allowed him to work with them in solving fraud criminal cases until his 12 years sentence was done.

The Terminal (2004)

This story is about a man whose country is caught up in a war against the United States and he was forced to stay in the New York Terminal until the war was over. Upon his stay in the terminal, he meets people and a flight attendant (Catherine Zeta Jones) and falls in love with her. After the war was done and he was allowed to finally leave the terminal in order to search for the Jazz people that his late father idolized, he is caught up between losing the love of his life or his father’s last wish.

War of the Worlds (2005)

War of the worlds is another science fiction movie that Steven Spielberg has created and won him many awards. Unlike E.T. and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, this alien movie is more of a disaster movie that led to an alien invasion. This movie’s sound mix and laser effects are considered to be one of the best ever. Though it did not gross as much as his previous extra terrestrial movies, War of the Worlds is strongly considered to be one of the best films that Steven Spielberg has ever created.

Steven Spielberg will always be known as one of the greatest directors of all time. With multiple best director awards on his belt and billions of U.S dollars of total movie earnings, Steven Spielberg is an example of a person who turns whatever he touches to gold.

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