Top 10 Ways To Apologize

Top 10 Ways To Apologize

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Ways To Apologize

When you hurt someone in the worst way possible, sometimes saying that you’re sorry is not enough. You have to do it in the best way that you can so you will be able to ease the pain that you caused someone else. If you are in that situation right now, then here are top 10 ways to apologize.

Write a Note

Saying you’re sorry can sometimes be hard to do. So if you are not really a person of words then you write it down for the person you’re saying sorry to, to read.  If you think that this is better for you then why not do it. Just remember that you will have to be able to say what you want to say. This will work when the both of you are too shy to face a confrontation. Writing a note can be very meaningful and smart way to apologize at the same time.

Do Something Nice

When you feel like you’re sorry won’t do anything about what you have done, then you can also show it to the other person by doing something nice. Let them know that this is your own way of showing remorse. You can buy him or her something that he or she has always wanted and you can present it as a gift. Make sure that your intent is understandable because the other person might mistake it for a bribe or you buying your way out of the consequences of your actions.

Show You’re Sorry

You also have to show to the other person that you are indeed very sorry and not just by mouth. You can’t go on asking for forgiveness and making fun of him or her again the second you were able to say it, if that’s the reason why the other person is mad. You have to be true ad real to what you are saying. Don’t do anything that will just offend the other person even more and take into consideration that a hurt person takes to time to heal. Times like this are sensitive that’s why you have to be careful on how you act and what you say as well.

Mend the Wrong

Try to talk things through with the other person when you were already able to say that you’re sorry. There will be one of those fights wherein you are not aware that you are already hurting the person and you do not know what the reason is, no matter how hard you think about it. You have to do anything in your power to be able to mend the wrong because if you don’t it will just resurface at any point in the relationship.  You can’t also go on living with a heavy heart that you were not able to fix something.

Give Time and Space

Like what was said earlier, accepting an apology and admitting to oneself that you are not hurt anymore can take some time. It is not easy to forget all the wrongs that have been done. It is always better to just leave the other person alone for them to think and have some space for themselves.  Let the anger and pain subside first. Then after that, it will be easier to talk to each other because you two were able to ponder on things. This can now be the perfect time to talk about what has happened.

Admit Your Faults

Yes, admitting your faults can be a very effective way to say sorry. Say that you sincerely sorry and that you own up to whatever it is that you have done wrong. Don’t beat around the bush and just come right out and say it. It will not help if you just put the blame on someone else when you know for yourself that you are guilty and putting the blame on the other person will just create more tension and problem. If you really care for the other person then you will everything you can to make things  right even if  it means lowering your pride.

Take Responsibility

We can all feel it when someone is mad at us. If you were already able to confirm that then it is now your responsibility to know what is wrong and why the other person is mad at you. You just can’t keep on ignoring it because it will just become worse and you will destroy your relationship with that person. If you don’t want that to happen then be responsible and act on the problem. It is only you that can find a way to do it because you can feel it. You can also look back at what happened before and retrace your memories so that you can identify the problem.

Choose a Perfect Time

Saying sorry also involves saying it in the perfect time and place. You just can’t blurt it out on the party when everyone you know is there and watching you and also when the people you want to please are there. You have to do it when the time comes that only the two of you are talking face to face. This will be more intimate and sincere rather than doing in front of the eyes of many people.

Describe the Situation Clearly

Sometimes, just owning up to the mistakes won’t get you forgiveness. Sometimes, you have to explain and know what the situation was for yourself. This is also very important so that you won’t be able to do it the next time or so that you can already say your side of the story.

Forgive Yourself

If the other person won’t accept your apology then there is nothing that you can do about. You just have to forgive yourself and not be guilty about it anymore because you know that you did everything you can. The time will come that everything’s going to be okay again for the both of you. All you have to do is wait.

Saying that you’re sorry is no easy task especially when the problem is big. But this is what they say about love, that it conquers everything. You have to make amends because a loved is important in your life. Besides, fights and misunderstandings will just strengthen the relationship even more.

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