Top 10 Websites on the Net

Top 10 Websites on the Net

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When you surf online, there are tons of sites to choose from. Unless you already have a predetermined site to go to then choosing a site can take some time. There are literary tons of sites online but for some, they do receive the notoriety that they deserve. This doesn’t necessarily involve the already popular and gigantic sites like Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. Some independent sites also exist online and they have a lot of features that some popular sites don’t have or fail to excel in. These sites usually involve interpersonal self-help or entertainment content. These sites can also have various functions aside from the leisure purposes that one would normally seek. When the year draws to an end and as the new year begins, the titles of being the best sites also change. They don’t always stay on top as newer sites grow to fill the gap or change the position.

We choose the moon is a website dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Lunar landing. When entering the site, it takes a while to buff as the content requires so. When buffing is finished you read actual radio audio from the original Apollo 11 station launch. It features some person talking as the crew prepares for launch. The site has various add-ons on the bottom which lets you choose various stages. Clicking on a stage initiates a different scene from the Apollo 11 mission with a different flow of audio depending on the stage. In a nutshell it gives you a slight recreation of the actual Apollo 11 mission from start to finish.

Moodstream is a site where you can celebrate or express your mood whichever way you want to. The site plays a random music attuned to the mood you are in. Aside from the music there are also images that are being shown as you express your mood. To give an insight if you’re feeling down then the images can be that of rainfall, sad faces or something really depressing while the music is playing. It also lets you customize certain features to your liking. There are 6 predetermined moods to choose from and they are excite, refresh, intensity, simplify, stabilize and inspire.

During the buffering stage you get to hear some calm and relaxing music attuned to the theme of water and life. When buffering is over you can choose a selection of music to your liking but they all feature a calm and relaxing rhythm to them. The center of the page has a ton of images to choose from and they all represent water in a certain way whether water is home, history and even politics. The way these images are presented is very nice and once you click on an image such as home, the pictures then reshuffle forming a house. Then there will be a narrator saying how water is attuned to home along with some images and facts. This goes the same for the other sub categories in the selection

Immediately at the cover page it gives you a sense of sadness and tragedy as the image is depicted in a black and white appearance along with a depressing music track playing. The site is a documented presentation about the Cuban missile crisis back in the early 60’s. It is complete with key facts and historical evidences pertaining to the said event. The site has 5 main chapters telling the events from 1960 until the end of the crisis in 1962. It also has a 6th chapter which features the end result and legacy regarding the Cuban missile crisis. It also has a what if scenario as to what possible outcomes could have occurred.

This site is perfect for the little kiddies to play and learn some of the classic Disney movies and characters. The site navigates you to various areas in this new Fantasyland. The areas you can choose from are Gaston’s Tavern, Beast’s Restaurant, Belle’s story time village, Dumbo’s circus and Ariel’s Grotto. The site gives you a glimpse as to what these areas can offer complete with images. You can also book tickets online for you vacation purposes.

This miniseries made by Sci-Fi back in 2007 gets a retelling on the web. Starring Zoe Deschanel, the series is an alternate story telling with regards to the Wizard of Oz. It is set in the modern day as well as set in the city of Kansas. It gives you a direct feel to the science fiction genre instead of the fantasy realm. One could say that the series is based more on facts rather than fictitious items to support its story line.

The Museum of Me is powered by Intel and it focuses on Intel’s products and specialties. The site is more technological aspects and the functions they do. Since it is a museum, display pieces involve several key and technological items for viewing online. You can only connect and view this site if you’re connected via Facebook.

Terry Crews is an avid and constant endorser of the Old Spice deodorant brand for men. He has a lot of ads that are made to be funny and entertaining. This latest endorsement entitled the music muscle is a very unique and funny experience. His body is connected with several wires and the ends of those wires are connected to various instruments like drums and guitars. His muscle impulses are then transferred to these instruments which then make a melodic like chime resulting to a cascade of tunes along with some fun.

Monoface is an ad that runs for less than a minute. The concept involves the morphing of various faces. The faces change from a man to a man to woman or vice versa. The morphing is made well and you can’t really tell much of a distinction. The morphing runs very straight and fluid without the unnecessary alterations.

This new flash driving site game lets you simulate the real life experience of driving behind the wheel. You can also have the classic 3rd person view of the car featuring high end graphics even for flash game standards. This game is indeed one of the best looking flash games and driving simulations on the web.

The creators of these websites have a creative mind and hopefully in the future more and more minds get to interact and create masterpieces such as these.

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