Top 3 Liquid Foundations of All Times

Top 3 Liquid Foundations of All Times

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Boots No7 Intelligent Color Foundation

Makeup offers the best way to enhance your natural beauty. And when it comes to makeup, importance of makeup foundations cannot be put aside. In fact, makeup base or foundation is one of the most important makeup items without which makeup cannot be completed. Though the importance of other makeup items cannot be ignored, but foundation is something most important that cannot be missed. One can skip eyeliner, eyeshadow, or face powder, but one can definitely not skip makeup foundation until or unless her skin is perfect and flawless, which is often not the case. When it comes to makeup foundations, most girls will want to go for liquid foundations because of the ease of application they offer.

Here are the top 5 liquid foundations of all times that should be given at least one try:

1. Boots No7 Intelligent Color Foundation

Boots No7 intelligent color foundation is one of the best makeup foundations available under the sun. The best thing about this fantastic makeup foundation is that is available at a very affordable price of about $15. So most women can afford buying this wonderful mousse type liquid foundation. It does not clog pores and does not cause acne. Moreover, it gives you a flawless and matte look. You don’t need to apply face powder after applying this superb foundation. You can buy it from official website of boots.

2. Giorgio Armani “Lasting Silk UV foundation SPF20

This is another superb addition to your makeup box, especially if you are one of those girls who want to avoid sunlight. This amazing liquid foundation has SPF 20, which can protect your skin from harmful sunrays. Giorgio Armani “Lasting Silk UV foundation SPF20 has  a superb shiny finish, which does not make you look artificial. And makeup artists believe that this liquid foundation stays for at least 7 to 8 hours per day. So it means you can wear it all day long and cleanse it before going to bed. A very little amount of it can give you a great coverage. You can buy it for $42 only.

3. Revlon “PhotoReady SPF 20”

Revlon “PhotoReady SPF 20” is another superb liquid foundation that makes your skin look flawless due to the perfect coverage it provides. The foundation does not give shimmering look, which is another plus point if you don’t like shiny appearance of face. However, a long term usage of Revlon “PhotoReady SPF 20” can cause skin dryness, which is something really bad if you already have dry skin. You can buy it for $19 only.

This rating of liquid foundations is based on personal experiences. So it’s better to try makeup items on your own. The best way to choose a liquid foundation is to look into its ingredients first, and then its feature. This helps buy one of the most suitable liquid foundations for your face!

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