The Top 3 Racing Bikes for Honda

The Top 3 Racing Bikes for Honda

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Honda 300x225 The Top 3 Racing Bikes for Honda

Honda is known for quality, this is what explains why its bikes are among the top racing bikes in the world.  The Honda Bikes have achieved excellent results and is the most fascinating motorbikes that you can ever own. The bikes include CBR1000RR, sport bikes, Gold wing touring motorcycle, VFR1200F motorcycles, the Fury chopper, CRF450x endure and CRF250 r motor bikes.

Brief History

The first Honda motorcycle was produced in 1949. It was referred to as the model D. Since that time, Honda has emerged as one of the leading motorcycle manufacturer in the world. For the past 50 years alone, Honda has been able to produce and sell 50 million units of Honda motorcycle. This makes the bike one of the most preferred bikes globally.  Honda has not just stopped at this point. It has continued to produce a class of leading motorcycles in the history of the world. Its line of sport bikes ranges from CBR line to CRF line. It has also produced the luxurious Gold touring bikes and other designs that are competing at all the levels of motorbike racing.

Honda CBR600RR

This is the lightest type of Honda motorcycle which has been declared one of the best racing bikes because it is modestly updated and has the best handling chassis making it a top super sport class bike.

Honda Shadow

Honda had made a very big name by 1980s. It had proven beyond doubt that it was the greatest achiever in any two wheel race across the globe. The only field that Honda had not conquered was the cruisers. Consequently, Honda Shadows was designed to take care of the cruisers segment of the American market. Honda shadow was officially launched in 1983 and included a number of bikes such as VT500 Honda, VT750. These two models of Honda bike had V twin engines that were liquid cooled.

The Honda Gold wing

This is a Top racing bike that held the title for the best touring motorcycle for quite some time. The bike is known for its gadgetry devices and its initial weight which is about 635lbs with 80 hp.  The bike has since been adjusted and is one of the most comfortable long distance racer bikes.

Generally, the Honda bikes are strong and have sufficient horsepower which makes the bikes preferred by users especially for long distance races. The bicycles are beautiful and feature multiple of integrated colors that enhances their beauty.

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