Top 5 Most Expensive Shopping Malls In the World

Top 5 Most Expensive Shopping Malls In the World

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There are numerous expensive shopping malls scattered all over the world where you can purchase several products. However, among these malls, there are those whose products are lowly priced while others sell their products at extremely exorbitant prices. Shopping malls can be classified into different categories, there are those that are based on its size and thus called the biggest shopping malls, while there are those that are based on its majestic designs which are then referred to as the majestic malls and of course, there are those that are based on price, which we will about to identify, the top 5 most expensive shopping malls. Below are some of the most expensive shopping malls worldwide.

The South China Shopping Mall

This is one of the top 5 expensive and luxurious shopping malls in the world. It is found in Dongguan and has a wide space for lease with more than 1,500 stores spread out in an estimated total area of 6.5 million square feet. It has seven branches situated in Paris, Egypt, California, the Caribbean, Amsterdam, Venice and Rome. Although this mall was opened in the year 2005, most of its space remains unoccupied for lack of retailers. This is attributed to the fact that it is located in the Dongguan suburbs, a place which is not well served by the public transport in China.

Golden Resources Shopping Mall, Beijing

This is yet another one of the luxurious shopping malls that is among the top 5 expensive shopping malls. It is also China’s greatest mall and its area is 7.3 million square feet spread out in six floors. This mall which is located close to the Beijing’s Fourth Ring Road is bigger than the Mall of America by 1.5 times. It took the builders 20 months to complete the construction back in 2004.

Because of this mall’s luxurious style, this earned its named “The Great Mall of China”. This luxurious mall was created with 6 levels, the 1st level is mainly for mothers clothing and children, some travel supplies, expensive jewelries and restaurants. Its lowest floor is composed of an ice skating rink named the “Champion Rink” and it also has a supermarket named “LOTUS”. The rest of the levels are mostly for furniture’s, sportswear, children’s toys, bookstore’s and some arcade.

The SM Mall of Asia, Philippines

Otherwise referred to as MOA, it stands out as the largest mall found on the Philippine soil. It covers a total area of 407, 101 square meters and was opened on the 21st of May, 2006. It is the property of SM Prime Holdings managed by Sy, a business tycoon who doubles as a Chinese and a Filipino descendant. What is more attractive to this mall is the IMAX theatre, the first ever in the entire country. Its IMAX theatre comes in 3D and 2D features which is said to be one of the world’s biggest IMAX screen. This mall also features an Olympic ice skating ring measuring 61×30 meters.

Aside from its gigantic size, the SM Mall of Asia can also cater gigantic amount of cars in its parking area at 5,000 parking spaces! Although the IMAX theatre is an attractive part of this mall, still there are other existing entertainment facilities you can choose from such as the Director’s Club Theater. In this theatre you’ll be able to use a La-Z-Boy seat and experience the so called intimate screening.

 Cevahir, Istanbul

This is another mall among the top 5 luxurious shopping malls which opened its doors on the 15th of October 2005. It doubles as an entertainment center as well as a shopping mall and it is situated in the Istanbul’s Sisli District. It occupies a total area of 348,000 square meters and is the largest shopping mall across Europe and number 7 in the whole world.

Because this is one of the most expensive and luxurious shopping mall, it comes with branded items such as the following; Adidas, Converse, Dorothy Perkins, Dockers, Guess World, Levis, Massimo Dutti, Zara, Reebok, Nine west and a lot more. Aside from these branded stores, this mall certainly caters large number of visitors for its parking space can handle up to 2,500 cars. When it comes to its security features, the mall comes with surveillance cameras, which are monitored to keep everyone in the mall safe. This luxurious mall is truly living up to its standards for it also has 5,000 hired employees to serve all its customers and guests accordingly.

West Edmonton Mall

Across North America, it is possibly the largest, covering a total area of more than 6 million square feet. For two decades, it reigned as the largest mall in the world until 2004 when the record was reset with the construction of the Golden Resources mall in Beijing, China. It is estimated that this mall receives as many as 28.2 million visitors annually.

West Edmonton Mall comes with 800 stores and it has a lot of very popular theme park all over the world. The theme park is comprised of the following; the Galaxyland, the World Waterpark, Sealife Caverns/ Sea Lions Rock, Ice Palace, Adventure gulfs, movie theatres, Eds Recreation Centre, Fantasy land hotel which is located just within the vicinity of the mall, an indoor shooting range, a night club empire ballroom for those who wants to enjoy the music, an internet cafe for those internet magnet people, and gold gym for those body conscious customers. There are a lot of things this mall has to offer, proving itself as one of the most luxurious shopping mall in the world.

Should you Spend a Lot?

These top 5 luxurious malls are quite tempting to visit however the question remains, should you spend a lot every time you go to these kinds of luxurious malls? Well, if you’re after for enjoyment and memories to treasure over a lifetime, then the answer would probably be yes, spending much in these kinds of luxurious malls are worth it rather than not experience any fun in your entire life. However, if you feel that it’s not worth spending for, you can still enjoy and have fun without the need to buy anything. Because of its gigantic size, this mall can bring different sights from nice sparkling things to books and magazines, so you can still have fun while spending nothing at all.

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