Top 5 London Malls

Top 5 London Malls

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Westfield London1 Top 5 London Malls

London as we all know, is a leading place globally which is the capital of the United Kingdom.
Because of this image, people expect London to be always on top of whatever list it may be. Surprising as it seems, only one shopping mall amongst the top 10 biggest English malls is situated in London. Westfield, opened two years ago with the occasion of the Olympic games. The majority of commercial centers are situated outside the capital. The most important malls situated inside the city are smaller, but more interesting and modern than the giants from other cities like Newcastle or Liverpool. In the vicinity of London, however, we can find some gigantic malls that can be considered as some of the most important and mostly visited by tourists around the globe. The biggest advantage of these malls is the fact that London is the most visited cities in the world by tourists, so besides its population of 4 million London residents, many other people visit these malls every year.

Westfield London

With a surface of 150,000 square meters, it is built in five levels, and it required an investment of 1.87 billion Euros. It is the biggest mall in London, being opened in 2008, and it hosts 280 stores, 47 restaurants, 14 cinema halls and 4,500 parking spaces, covering the entire Western London area. Amongst the stores hosted there, we can count H&M, Debenhams, Hugo Boss, Louis Vuitton, and Apple, which opened the biggest of their stores at a global level. When it comes to time, you don’t have to worry about it since this mall opens at 10:00 am and closes the same time in the evening. So shoppers can take their time exploring this impressive mall in London.


Situated in the northern side of London, the commercial center Centrale was inaugurated in 2004, on the place where initially the old Drummond Center existed. Centrale is owned by St. Martins Property Group, which also owns Cevahir from Istanbul. Centrale has a rentable space of 76,000 places, on four levels, with names such as Jane Norman, Zara, Starbucks and India Dining Teas. In addition, this shopping mall is home for some of the most famous brands such as the ALDO, Next, Orange, the Body Shop, Disney Store and a lot more. It is reported that this shopping mall uses solar panels to boost some of its power which are located on its roof according to a report.


Opened in 1970, Whitgift has a surface of about 120,000 square meters, being situated in the London neighborhood Croydon and owned by the Whitgift Foundation. The commercial center was built on the field of the Whitgift School, being one of the oldest malls in the UK. It was also the biggest of them for several decades. This mall was built in three storeys which comprises of a basement that is intended mainly for vehicles and the upper two storeys are consists of its retail stores. The mall’s name was said to be derived from a former Archbishop of Canterbury named John Whitgift.

Brent Cross

Brent Cross Shopping Centre was opened in 1976, being the first independent construction of a private company in England. Situated in Northern London, in the vicinity of the Bent Cross railway station, it has a surface of 75,000 square meters and it has about 8,000 parking spaces. Bent Cross was expanded in 1995, and it is now owned by Hammerson and Standard Life Investments. The name of this shopping mall was said to be derived from an old crossroads that is said to be located near the River Bent. When it comes to transportation, shoppers don’t have to worry about getting to this amazing mall. There are two underground stations that are nearest to the shopping mall; these are the Brent Cross station and the Hendon Central.

The Glades

It is not one of the biggest malls in London, with a surface of “only” 43,000 square meters, and it has 141 stores. The name of this mall was derived from its location which is said to be an open wide space in a forest. It is situated in the Brompley area, in South East London. It was opened in 1991, and it is a luxury mall designed especially for clients with significant financial possibilities. Amongst the names hosted there are Debenhams, Zara, Swarovski, and Vero Moda. Because this is a high end store, thus you will find major stores within the malls vicinity such as Mark & Spencer, H&M, Disney Store for children and those adults yet children at hearts, there’s also the Apple store and a lot more. This shopping mall also includes the so called “Regent Arcade” which most women will surely love for it is comprised of multiple small retail stores to choose from. This top notch mall also offers a gift card for its valued clients and aside from its “Regent Arcade” it also provides a leisure area which is called “The Pavillion”. It has an interesting architecture, and the fact that it is situated in one of the richest areas of London made it one of the most famous.

Size Does Not Matter

If we based it on size, these malls will never stand out as compared to the other malls in the world especially those that are located in Dubai. However, these malls are not built to make name because of their sizes but rather to make name because these are part of the London’s beautiful and modern malls. These top notch malls situated in London are considered the best not only by its locals yet also most of its tourist visitors all over the world. These malls have never failed to amaze new customers and even the old ones. So if you’re dreaming of seeing some of the most beautiful malls, then London is your target place. It is where these wonderful malls are located and this is the only place in the world with malls that are incomparable. So what are you waiting for? Check out these malls and start to have some fun and see for yourself if indeed these top 5 malls of London deserve its name of being at the top of the list.

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