The Top 5 Best Racing Ever

The Top 5 Best Racing Ever

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Bicycle Racing 300x225 The Top 5 Best Racing Ever

It is competition involving bicycles; different types of bicycles are used in this sport. There are categories of bicycles racing that include;

  • Road bicycle racing
  • Time trailing
  • Cyclo-cross
  • Mountain bike racing
  • Track cycling
  • BMX
  • Bike trials
  • Cycle speedway

Bicycle racing is governed by a world body for cycling known as UNION CYCLIST INTERNATIONAL. Bicycle racing is recognized as an Olympic sport, this kind of race is among the popular races in Europe and in the entire world. The countries that loves bicycle racing include; Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Switzerland.

The first bicycle race was held on 31 May 1868 in Saint Cloud Paris-1200 meters race. The winner rode a wood made bicycle with iron tires that a bicycle is in display in the museum in ELY, Cambridge shire England.

There are different types of bicycle racing; they involve both team and individual competition. The races range from one day road race to criterion, and time trial to multi-stage events which make up Grand Tours. The races typically take place from spring through to fall, many cyclists from Northern Hemisphere spend their time in countries such as Australia. Professional bycycle races range from 3 week grand tour stage. To a single day classic, the longest one day road race sanctioned by USA cycling is LOTOJA which covers 206 miles from Logan to Jackson.

Track cycling is made up of races that take place on banked tracks. These events are quit distributed and ranges from single individuals to team pursuits, two-man sprint, to various group and mass start race. Competitors use track bicycles which do not have breaks or freewheels.

Cyclo-cross is a race that is used by cyclists during the off season to vary the training during the cold months. The international cup season is September –January. It consists of many laps of a 2-3 Km course featuring pavements, wooded grounds, grass, steep mountains and obstacles requiring the rider to work hard, carry the bike and remount in less motion. Races of senior categories are generally between thirty minutes and hour long. The distance varies depending on the condition. The sport is the best in early road cycling countries for example Belgium and France.


Mountain bike races, they involve moderate to a high degree of technical riding.

BMX races are sprints on reason-built off-road one way-lap tracks on single gear bike. Riders navigate a dirt course of jumps and banked flat corners.

Bike trials are a sport where riders navigate all obstacles both natural and man-made without putting down their foot.

In comparison of the speed achieved by indoor tracks and those on roads those that are indoors their speeds are greater. In addition route profile, temperature and elevation are factors affecting speed.


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