Toxic Products You Don’t Need

Toxic Products You Don’t Need

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Man needs things to be able to do their activities and go on with everyday life. Sometimes, we pretend that we need different kinds of stuff for a particular purpose. We become consumed with all the products and items that we buy from the stores which sometimes do not have any use at all. Over-consumption affects our budget, our relationship with our loved ones, and harms the environment. Some of these products may be hazardous to our health. Take a look at these top 10 toxic products you don’t need but are probably seen in your household.

Air Fresheners

Air fresheners are made up chemicals that are too harmful to our health. These air fresheners come in different scents and forms which mask odors and freshens indoor air. No matter how you spray on strong-smelling fresheners, they will not eliminate the source of the odor. Aerosol air fresheners emit chemicals into the air that you may inhale and damage your lungs later on. Eliminate the source of the odor, open the windows and place baking soda or charcoal in stinky areas to absorb bad odors.

Vinyl Plastic

Plastics in general are harmful to the ozone layer, and vinyl is the worst type of plastic for the environment. Some countries banned the use of this very dangerous plastic material. PVC is widely used in toys, wall coverings, and floors. The chemical found in vinyl can cause hormone disruption and damage to the central nervous system. It contaminates the air, dust and most especially you. Avoid using products made of PVC and plastics labeled #3.

Oven, Toilet Bowl and Drain Cleaners

Almost all commercial household cleaners are just a few of the toxic products that you don’t need around the house. But these three cleaners are the most horrible because of their chemical contents which makes them very effective in your household cleaning job. These cleaners are corrosive and very dangerous because it can burn the eyes and skin when you come in contact with them. Choose greener alternatives like using baking soda, vinegar and use hair and food traps in the first place to avoid clogging the drains.

Canned Food

Your favorite sausage or corned beef is a toxic product. This is because food cans are lined with an epoxy resin called bisphenol-A (BPA) which leads to hormone disruption, heart disease, obesity, depression and others. Early and constant exposure to these products greatly affects our health in the future. There are companies who have gone BPA-free. As much as possible, buy fresh produce, frozen, dried or the jarred food products.


Pesticides and insecticides are extremely toxic. Their main purpose is to kill roaches, ants, and other insects that disturb the house and vegetation. If they are that effective in killing things, then it also has some health risks to you. The residual poisons that stay on pillows, curtains and other surfaces contaminate the air and goes into your lungs. Try using all-natural pesticides which are safer and healthier for you and the environment.

Bottled Water

People buy bottled water because they think it is cleaner and safer to drink. Bottled water may be just as contaminated as tap water or even worse. Other companies may be bottling tap water and label them as mineral water which go into the stores at a higher price. The plastic bottles add up to landfills and highly contributes to the global warming phenomenon that everybody is experiencing today. Buy a good quality water bottle and refill it at any time you want.

Dry Cleaning

Most dry cleaners use perchloroethylene which is linked to cancer, damages in the liver, kidney, reproductive system and the nervous system. People who bring home dry-cleaned clothes are also at risk for exposure and even affecting the other family members. The levels of perc remain high in a home up to 7 days. If possible, avoid buying clothes that need dry cleaning or find dry cleaners that use CO2 in their services.

Nonstick Cookware

Nonstick pans are very common nowadays because of the comfort it brings to the one cooking the meal. Be careful! PFCs or perfluorinated chemicals that make the products stick-and-stain resistant are known to cause cancer and abnormalities in newborns. These are found in most cookware, pizza boxes, microwave popcorn bags, clothing, furniture, and even dental floss. Stick to the old way of cooking meals by using pans that are not made of Teflon.

Personal Fragrances

Perfumes and colognes will make us more attractive and smell fresher. However, most of these products are mixed with chemicals that result in different scents and colors. A single fragrance product contains hundreds of chemicals. The most dangerous chemical in fragrances is the diethyl phthalate (DEP) which is linked to cancer and hormone disruptions.

Oil-Based Paints and Finishes

Paints make our homes look attractive and beautiful. Oil-based paints may yield better results but these are toxic products you don’t need for your home. If you are planning for a makeover to your home, choose water-based paints and finishes or products that are VOC-free. There are also alternatives which are made of natural ingredients like milk paint; vegetable-based wood finishes which are safer and healthier for you and the planet.

These toxic products are widely used today in the different areas of our homes-in the windows, refrigerator, and kids’ bedrooms and in the household cleaning supplies. These products are linked to several health problems including cancer, obesity, asthma, allergies, heart diseases, and many more. While these products put your family at risk, these are also expensive and rip off your budget. Start a green living revolution in your home today by purging off these unwanted and unnecessary products in the home and choose better, healthier, safer and more economical alternatives if you want to live in a better world in the future. Be a good example to your kids so that they will follow and influence others to the same.

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