Track Racing 101

Track Racing 101

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When reading an overview of track cycling, it will be incomplete if you did not mention something to do with, when it was first held competitively. It is believed that track cycling has been with us since 1870. During those days when cycling was in its infancy stage, wooden indoor tracks were very common. They were in all dimensions the same as the velo dromes, which were typically associated with two straights and somewhat banked bends.

History of Track Cycling

Why most people got overwhelmed by the indoor track racing was because of the ease to control the spectators. This also ensured good revenue to the organizers making it a very lucrative sporting event. In the early days, track cycling was viewed by very huge crowds of about 2000 individuals. Courtesy of indoor tracks, this sport was held throughout the year. There are a few venues in England, where great track racing events were held. These included Liverpool, Sheffield, Manchester (national centre for cycling), London, and Birmingham.

Looking at the most recognized changes, which have been realized in the tack racing world, you will bear witness that most of these changes have been largely associated with bicycles themselves. Most of them have been designed in such a way that they are light and quite aerodynamic to make it easier for a faster ride.

Same for the 1912 Olympic Games, in an overdraft of track racing, it is important to mention the fact that it has featured in all the Olympic Games that have been held since then. For the very first time, track racing involving women was at the 1988 Olympics.

Best Riding Position

When looking at the most significant factors that influence both track and road racing, it is no doubt you will consider aerodynamic drag too. In most cases, a number of traditional bicycle models employ an airfoil cross-section shape enclosed in frame tubes. In component group design, aerodynamic has been given great attention.

What makes aerodynamic more important is that riders are given the first priority with regard to their sitting position. Just like in road racing, the sitting position of a track racer is maintained, but more emphasis is given to the geometrical composition of the bicycle frame as well as the type of handlebars used. In an overdraft of track racing, reading about the main centers is equally important. Notably, Europe has been recorded as the place where track racing has greatly been popularized.

Countries such as France, Belgium, United Kingdom, and Germany have also been associated with track racing. In these countries, this event is mostly used by road racers as an off season training. Japan and Australia are other countries in the world that have also been put on the spotlight as far as the popularity of track racing sporting event is concerned.

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