Tracking Down of Drag Racing History

Tracking Down of Drag Racing History

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Drag Racing2 300x159 Tracking Down of Drag Racing History

Drag racing traces its history to the days of Henry Ford who introduced a less expensive automobile. These cars were widely used and attracted many users. The two lane strip and the dry lake beds were places where one would first test his car against any other driver. The events were illegal drag races which were taking place in many parts of the country. Eventually, the fans of the event started coming up with rules and regulations which have essentially became the NHRA that we know. The vehicles that used to participate in this event used to do less than 100mph a barrier that was only broken by Speed demons on Muroc dry lake bed. In 1950, CJ Hart opened the first drag strip racing.  This presented a safe opportunity which enabled people to race in safer and events that were well timed. The first drag strip ran until 1959. However NHRA had a number of national events which were taking place throughout the United States.

Origins Of The Term Drag Racing

At the point the first track was being created, the drag racing idea was not as complex as it is today. They were essentially simple races that were plain and very simple. The name drag racing did not exist at that time. It came in to existence sometimes later. No one knows exactly why this straight line speed races was given the name drag races. There are many theories surrounding this, one of which tries to explain the name by looking at the challenges that were made from one part to the other. It is suggested that one racer may have said drag the car from the garage and race it after me. Other people argue that the term may have evolved from the drivers who would hold the car in one gear for a very long period of time and therefore dragging the car.

Earlier Versions Of Drag Cars

Santa Ana was the first place where commercial drag strip was made. This was after Hart and Creighton realized that racing in the street was illegal and posed a lot of dangers. They embarked on having this sport legitimized. Initially the John Wayne International runaway which was not used on Sundays became the venue where drag racing would be held on Sunday. Hart was the sole owner of the strip in the first month when the event was held at the runaway.

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