Why Do We Need to Train Our Emotional Intelligence

Why Do We Need to Train Our Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional Intelligence

The subject of emotional intelligence is debated for decades. However, it was brought to the attention of the large public only when the Internet and other media sources started to promote it.

Some psychologists say that the emotional intelligence is more important than the IQ for the success of a person. In the difficult moments of your life, when the challenges are at a high level, the saving solution will come by applying emotional intelligence.

What Is EI (Emotional Intelligence) After All?

The emotional intelligence is our capacity to answer and react to what happens around us. Self-control, perseverance, self-motivation capacity are the characteristics of EI.

Self-control is a part of your personal knowledge. Socrates said “Know Yourself”. This proverb refers to the essential part of the emotional intelligence. You should be aware of your emotions as soon as they appear. This way, you can eliminate the negative reactions in a subtle manner, without affecting the collective.

The modern individual is less concerned about this aspect. We don’t have the time for this process of self-learning. We are preoccupied of efficiency, productivity, and about task management. Sure, those are important, but if this rush continues, we will always have the feeling that we are haunted.

We were trained to neglect our feelings. In the professional world, this might be interpreted as a weak character.

What Is the Cost that We Need to Pay for This Behavior?

We are transformed into ticking bombs. We crack in the most unsuited moments. We neglect our families; we lose the joy of life. This happens because we don’t have the energy to invest in those. Calm, equilibrium, interior harmony will transform us into myths, impossible to reach in our context of life.

An individual with a developed emotional intelligence will be able to solve problems with ease. This is made by using emotions. The opposite is the individual that applies a complex thinking process to solve the problem.

How Can We Train EI?

People with a high EI are less predisposed to behavioral problems. They have a developed sense of propriety. They are oriented towards their purposes, and they are able to see their targets in their minds. Unlike people that think about the best rational solution, people using EI are free mentally and spiritually. When you have problems, those must be considered as stepping-stones.

All people are emotionally intelligent. The ones that are not trained to use it, should stay near those that can. This way, they will be able to change their old habits. After a while, they can develop that EI that will change their lives.

Individuals with a low EI still use rudimentary solutions to solve their own problems. This usually leads to depression and frustration. If those individuals are in management positions, their behavior will affect the entire team.

EI can be learned and major changes in the personal and professional life can be made. The individuals will be more communicative, nicer, willing to help. EI can save time for solving a problem, and it can bring success. Unexpected and extraordinary results will lead to a happy life, without a heavy emotional luggage.

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