Must Have Travel Essentials

Must Have Travel Essentials

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Must Have Travel Essentials

If you are someone who loves to travel, packing is one thing that shouldn’t be neglected. You need to sort out things that are most important before your travel date, especially with the baggage limits. Take a look at these top 10 travel essentials and you will discover that packing is easy and travelling is much more fun.

Wheeled Suitcase or Backpack

Get rid of strained muscles and backaches by stuffing your things in a wheeled luggage. It makes transporting your luggage easier and faster.


You will need a smaller backpack to carry your things while you go around the area during the day. You can stuff your snacks, water bottles and maps while exploring the place. It will make the strolling easier and more comfortable.

Small Padlock

You can keep your things secured while you keep your valuables in the hotel room or even leashing 2 zips of your daypack. There are hotels that have no locks on their lockers, so you better bring one to avoid losses and theft while travelling. You can even bring a lightweight cable lock which comes in handy sometimes.

Comfortable Shoes

If you are not going to the beach, a good pair of walking shoes will definitely keep your feet comfortable. Blisters can ruin a nicely-planned vacation.

Personal Toiletries and Medications

Bring only necessary toiletries that you think will not be available or may be expensive in your destination. Pack them in small bottles or bring coreless tissues to minimize waste. Your prescription medications must be enough to last for the entire travel period. You may also bring extra doses in case of emergency.

Rain Gear

Buy collapsible umbrellas, ponchos, waterproof jackets and hats that will make you comfortable in all types of weather conditions.

Packing Cubes

Keep your things handy and organized by packing them separately – one for clothes, one for underwear, one for toiletries, one for chargers, and so on. It also makes repacking easier and security checks more convenient.

Travel Towel

When packing, you have to keep in mind to pack light. You do not need to bring a full size bath towel as it is very heavy and takes up a lot of space in your bag. It is also hard to dry. Bring a microfiber towel which is light and dries quickly.

Head Torch

Find one that is waterproof, has a strap that will fit your head and is small but gives off bright light. This is very essential, not just for camping in the forest, but also when you arrive at your destination late at night and electricity is off. You can comfortably move around at night in buses and trains, read novels when the lights are off, or get around when there are blackouts.

Backup Documents

Bring your identification card, copies of your passport and tickets and secure them in your luggage. You can also bring copies of telephone numbers to your bank, travel agency, emergency contact person, and the credit card company.

Buying what you forgot to pack and disposing what you shouldn’t have packed will only delay your trip. Know the weather conditions, prohibitions, and other important information. Doing some research about your destination will definitely go a long way.

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