Travel Hassles You Might Encounter (And Should Be Prepared For)

Travel Hassles You Might Encounter (And Should Be Prepared For)

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Travel Hassles

Planning for the perfect getaway for you or for your family? Picture this. You are so excited to experience new cultures, learn an unfamiliar language, and indulge in exotic foods. Then, you remember that you need to get a travel visa for your destination or you nearly missed your flight because you forgot where you placed your cash to pay the travel tax. To avoid the frustrations and other untoward incidents, remember these top 10 travel hassles you might encounter and how you must prepare for or avoid them.


There are certain countries that require visas upon arrival at your destination or before you will be allowed to leave. In order to avoid this hassle, check out what your country of destination requires as well as their policies regarding tourists and visitors. Do this at least 3-4 months before you book your ticket when planning for the vacation.

Arrival or Departure Taxes

At every port entry or exit, you may need to pay a certain amount for taxes. Be sure to know in advance the possible rates so you are prepared and that you can place the money in an accessible compartment in your luggage. This is very helpful especially when you have a plane to catch.

Passport Stamp Issues

Sometimes, it happens when a traveler had his passport stamped by one country and wants to enter another country that has issues with the first. To prevent this, ask the customs officer to stamp a separate piece of paper that can be removed when you enter your next destination, or avoid going between countries with issues.

Expiring Passports

There are other countries wherein you need to have a valid passport not expiring within 3-6 months of the travel dates. Renew your passport 9 months before it expires so you will have plenty of time to secure a new one before the 3-6 months allowance.

Changing Time Zones

Be sure to check the time and adjust your watch and mobile phone when you arrive at your destination. It also reduces jetlag if you are “in” the time zone of where you are. You will never miss out on schedules and flights when you are in sync with the time.

Checking In

When you check in at hotels, make sure to ask for a non-smoking room. Know if there are special events in the hotel or local festivals that you can join in. Hotel staff will assist you and they know what’s going on within the area.

Where to Buy Food

Sometimes, when you have dietary precautions or not so comfortable with street food, you want to know the best restaurants in town. You can ask the hotel staff or search online for a nearby grocery store or restaurant.


If you have arranged for an airport transfer, be sure to make yourself visible and stay on the designated waiting areas. Ensure that there are proper hotel identifications and check that all your bags are placed into the van.

Duty Free Regulations

Be aware of Duty Free regulations. Make sure that you have the allowable baggage on amounts of alcoholic drinks and cigarettes so you do not end up leaving some of them at the airport. Also check if the items will be allowed in your next destination.


When travelling, make sure that you are wearing the appropriate attire. With plenty of security checks, opt for shoes that can get off and back again easily and quickly. Allow your feet to rest and relax during the trip to avoid discomforts even before you reach your vacation.

Although hassles when travelling cannot be completely avoided, it is best to stay away from them as much as possible. Make sure to plan, prepare and be aware of what might happen to avoid spoiling your perfect getaway.

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