Best UFC Fighters

Best UFC Fighters

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The ultimate fighting tournament has been around for many decades now. In its earlier years, this kind of mixed martial arts was not legalized and the tournament was held secretly. In the early 90s, the legalization of the UFC tournament was approved after it was examined and deliberated by professionals that this kind of tournament was not lethal and some precautions were made and some rules were changed.

Since then, many UFC fighters over the years have showed the world that they belong to the octagon and they have become champions at their prime. However, the fighting styles and skills before were far different from the techniques today. Because of this, the tournament finally reached its peak and became one of the most watched sports all over the world. Today, there are many fighters who have excelled in the octagon and proven their skills. These top 10 best UFC fighters today are considered to be the top of their weight division holding the titles and the best records.

Anderson Silva (Middle Weight)

Anderson is known to the world as “The Spider”. Silva is the best middle weight UFC fighter to ever step to the ring and he is also the current UFC middle weight champion. His skill set is Muay Thai and he is the best striker in the UFC. He first competed on June 28, 2006 against undefeated Chris Leben.  When he won the fight and got a title shot against Rich Franklin, Silva hasn’t lost a fight ever since. Today, The Spider is considered to be the best UFC fighter and soon he will be inducted to the hall of fame with the other UFC greats.

Junior Dos Santos (Heavy Weight)

This 6’4 238lbs Brazilian beast is ranked number 1 in the heavy weight division today. Junior is known to be one of the strongest boxers in the history of the UFC, and he has a 15-2-0 W-L-D record to prove it. At age 29, he is still far from being a hall of famer but what’s scary about this guy is that most of his wins are via knock outs.

Jon Jones (Light Heavyweight)

Jon Jones’s nick name is Bones and this 6’4 205lbs mixed martial arts fighter is considered to be one of the deadliest light heavyweights today.  Jones has defeated great adversaries such as Rashad Evans, Rampage Jackson and Brandon Vera. Although most of his wins are mixed between submission and knock outs. Jones is considered to be one of the best all around martial artists in the UFC today.

George St. Pierre (Welter Weight)

George is known to be the best technical wrestler in UFC history since his style of play and notable wins are more of grappling and submission. Pierre, a.k.a “Rush” is the one of the best well rounded fighters in UFC, and he has been the welter weight champion for a very long time now. Today, George is the most famous Canadian athlete according various magazines and polls, and he is highly considered to be inducted in the UFC hall of fame as soon as he retires from fighting.

Benson Henderson (Light Weight)

He is one of the best submission artists in the UFC today. In the light weight division, nobody has beaten Henderson since 2010 by Anthony Pettis and he is currently on a 6 game winning streak. Benson’s notable wins were with Frankie Edgar and Donald Cerrone; He beat both competitors twice.

Jose Aldo (Feather Weight)

Jose Aldo, a.k.a “Junior” is considered to be the best pound for pound fighter today and he has been undefeated in the UFC since he entered in 2008. He currently has the highest winning streak set at 14, and he has not been defeated since 2005. Jose Aldo is a complete round player with a deadly knockout punch and a solid grappling skill.  Junior will soon be inducted to the UFC hall of fame as soon as he retires from the UFC.

Dominick Cruz (Bantam Weight)

Dominick Cruz is one of the most spectacular Bantam Weights ever in the UFC. He has never been defeated since his first fight in the UFC back in 2007, and since then, he has won 9 straight victories in the UFC. What’s bizarre about his wins is that most of them are all knockouts. In this weight class, it is very hard to hit an opponent hard because of speed.

Demetrious Johnson (Fly Weight)

He is the first UFC Fly Weight in history, and his only defeat was with Dominick Cruz in a grueling 5 rounds duel. Johnson is a speed athlete who is more of a grappler than a knock out artist. Most of his noted wins are via submission, and 2 of his wins are knock outs. He is very powerful for his size of 5’3 125 lbs, but he prefers grappling and winning via submission against his opponents.

Cain Velasquez (Heavy Weight)

This heavy weight Juggernaut is one of the most feared fighters in his division because of his punching power. With a record of 11 wins and only 1 loss, nobody has ever got up once he has thrown his powerful punch.  The only loss he had in his UFC career was with Junior Dos Santos, which he recently redeemed with a round 5 unanimous decision.

Renan Barao (Bantam Weight)

Renan Barao has never lost a fight since 2005, and he has dominated the Bantam weight category with only one person left to face (Dominick Cruz) in order to know who really the Bantam King is. Renan is an efficient submission specialist, tagging 14 victories all via submission and 2 knockout wins. Soon, he will face Dominick to decide who the best Bantam weight champion is today. Until then, both of them are equal when it comes to greatness.

UFC is a very exciting sport and there are many great fighters who could entertain millions of people with their fighting skills and great fights. It has been getting a lot of attention lately and will soon become one of the most awaited fights in sports, possibly eliminating top rank boxing.

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