Most Unusual Malls in the World

Most Unusual Malls in the World

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Dubai Mall Most Unusual Malls in the World

Malls as we know come in different styles.
Some may not be the biggest in terms of its size and land area however it could be considered as unique, unusual and the most stylish in the world. I’m sure you’re wondering what are the most unusual malls in the world and where are these unusual malls located, so let’s see where you can find these malls that can offer you the most interesting and unusual way to spend your free time and at the same time amaze yourself to see things that you will never forget.

Melbourne GPO

This unusual mall was made in a renaissance style, and it served as a postal office for more than 100 years before a fire incident destroyed the structure completely in 2001. The GPO was transformed into a mall that now hosts the stores of the most important fashion designers in the world, such as Wayne Cooper, Zimmerman and Leona Edminston. Now, the transformation of this mall was quite impressive turning the before postal office into a classical building with a touch of French and Victorian tastes. Because of its distinct clock tower which is eye catching due to its location in between two intersecting streets, this mall was found by many to be one of the most unusual malls in the world.


An incredible fusion of design, art and business, this mall which is found in Tokyo is formed by six buildings, and it includes almost any type of store ever made, from Chloe to Harry Winston, Prada and Louis Vuitton. The restaurants offer traditional Japanese food and at the same time find French bistros. Midtown presents the latest tendencies in the industrial Japanese design, having incorporated even one of the Ritz-Charlton hotels that host tourists, business persons and generally the wealthiest people visiting Tokyo.

The Galleria

With over 24 million visitors every year, The Galleria is one of the most important attractions of Houston. Besides 375 stores, it also has an ice skating area, hotels and great restaurants. Why is this mall considered unusual? This is mainly because of its skating rink which is positioned below the central glass atrium of the mall. Around its atrium is a jogging track at the roof making this even more unusual and a big hit to people in Huston, Texas.


A mall with an Egyptian theme is known for the extravagant decors and also for the large gamma of shops and restaurants, some of them having Chinese and even Spanish specifics. This is a complex mall combined with hotels, fine restaurants, night out pubs and even residences. Because of its complexity, this mall is considered one of the unusual malls in the world located in Dubai.

Via Bellagio

If Las Vegas is a giant mall, it means that Bellagio is its heart. From Prada to Hermes, all the worldwide recognized designers are put in one place in this luxury center where tourists can find souvenirs brought from all the corners of the world.


With a ceiling that reproduces the visual effect of the sky, the mall is built of white marble making it look unusual yet very stylish. It resembles the Disney Park however instead of cartoon characters, Villagio hosts 200 stores, including Dolce & Gabanna, Banana Republic and Ralph Lauren that can be found at Doha, Qatar.


Situated near the Mori Art Museum, the complex hosts major fashion designers such as Ann Sui and Escada. The mall also has an impressive list of restaurants, massage halls, and even playing areas for children. Because of the rich shopping and leisure time Roppongi tower provides hence this was considered unusual and stylish in Tokyo Japan.

Columbus Circle

Situated in Time Warner Center, this mall seems pretty small, compared with other building of this type, but it has a remarkable collection of stores, restaurants, being one of the most luxurious malls in the world. Here, you can find the Sushi Masa restaurant with a menu of $400, and the luxury designers Wolford and Williams-Sonoma.

Dubai Mall

This mall attracted the attention of the entire world since its opening, as it has a theme park, an aquarium and even an art gallery. Having such theme park is something that made this mall very unique!

Are you Amazed?

Now that you’re familiar with some of the most stylish and unusual malls on earth, are you amazed? It’s either you are amazed by its complexity, its physical style or its stylish and expensive shops. So if you have the chance, why not visit these malls and see if you will be amazed once you’ve seen these malls for real.

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